Beer for the Masses

The top beer-drinking states are revealed.
3:00 | 10/15/12

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Transcript for Beer for the Masses
Bob back everybody time now for -- average of -- time for the -- here. Several ever wonder why people smile at you sometimes the day see it don't matter in a hallway okay and -- -- well. New studies out it's from the daily and thought that was pretty interest -- a study has found those who feel powerful tend not to smile back and important people perhaps they feel. But they save their smiles instead for those below them. In the pecking order so basically save someone's smiles and -- -- feel they are. They've been a workplace they feel they are above either taking video news the researchers at our interpretation of this is that when you're feeling powerful and see a low status person -- almost throwing them a bone. Didn't -- much to smile this person because -- Better then them that we always smiling Hernandez had my -- was smiled at me you know -- -- On this below the overnight guys you know and -- forced crowded each -- -- that just like overrides that's it. I mean you're like in love. Pulled shortstop scenario if you have my work -- civic ever -- at an elevator don't always can be said he had message on this thing. Didn't OK I anybody that -- -- gonna love this especially if you're a woman there's a new study -- -- -- we have a new study every day every day. 70000 volunteers they found that if you treat a woman takes four to six cups of coffee a day. They're less likely to suffer from the womb cancer. And menu during the stand -- less likely to suffer from prostate cancer and they -- it's regardless of whether its caffeinated. For decaf well they just think it might be caffeine or coffee in generally did not have the same effects empty. The message that a lot of call before six -- today doesn't live calf and India have -- -- -- regular copy -- also appear to have a lower risk of type two diabetes gallstones colon cancer you have Parkinson's disease. One theory is that may have beneficial effect on your insulin levels. That's good to know is -- -- still negotiating your coffee I really nobody called me bigger than. Did -- get so does yeah all right this is using to the ten states spend it states that still the most. Beer here to iPhone with obsolete -- let's go backwards -- -- -- until one we have Delaware there's only. Delaware that would have Nebraska. Texas Vermont Wisconsin Nevada South Dakota Montana at number two North Dakota and apparently the State's and so the most -- top of the list. The state of new venture comes in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now they apparently from my quick reading here but gallons and gallons that sold New Hampshire other departments individually -- the bear further normal. Real quick if you thought you had an expensive ticket this Brooklyn bicycles was -- 1555. Dollar and he kept going through a light after light after light he -- headphones on didn't hear the truth behind him so I'll -- One after the other after yeah. -- did the price you pay for exercise student.

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{"id":17479634,"title":"Beer for the Masses","duration":"3:00","description":"The top beer-drinking states are revealed.","url":"/WNN/video/beer-for-the-masses-17479634","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}