Billy Joel Sings for the 'Uptown Girl'

The singer serenades his ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, during a recent concert in NYC.
3:07 | 08/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Joel Sings for the 'Uptown Girl'
Another check of the skinny topic headlines this morning individual Christie Brinkley together again remember them for at least an evening remember the piano man featured Brinkley in this classic video. Now back in the eighties a few nights ago hill had the opportunity again to serenade. His original uptown where. -- -- And garden concert. As crews -- at the Jumbotron at the and into the saw -- could have -- pictures briefly posted. From the continent instant brand including oneself be captioned. He's still got -- and another showing her daughter sailor fell into -- performance. From the front -- there -- nice also making news -- and a big night in the entertainment world that brought out all of Hollywood's biggest and brightest star that's right the teen choice awards gave us a look at some of the hottest fashion trends so let's. Check out some of the red carpet looks -- had everyone talking. Selena Gomez looking very classy here and all black pantsuit and simple yet elegant pony tail very -- singer Arianna grundy strutting her stuff and very slim one number. But two big trend seen throughout the night were bold colors and a lot of -- Both of which are seeing here on the lovely Jordin Sparks and has always been fashionable Taylor -- there she is following -- -- -- Trenton as well -- say that you are you'll be hearing and injured that's right drowning out his pretty little liars are losing hail with this beautiful red short dress. We can get lots Kyra Kim Kardashian and no Michelle Kim -- -- -- famous for being Kim Kardashian. That's the product she's someone. At our upcoming book -- always featuring photos surprise surprise there she is on the cover herself -- title. Card -- and selfish all 352. Pages feature self -- that she took. Nearly a year's worth of projects started when she took 12100 Selby is during a trip to Thailand. She was going to make it into a photo album for her husband Kanye West and now you can have a copy two -- -- -- -- a gift for just twenty bucks for next April. -- -- coffee table book another moneymaker them. Are a writer and hit HBO series true detective -- want to show. I've watched a couple of well he's denying he ripped off another writer there -- been claims that -- -- that -- -- -- borrowed elements from the work group. -- author Thomas -- gotten. And those claims that are specifically. On that dialogue of detective Ross call played by Matthew McConaughey -- HBO says all the work was original. Or controversies of -- with the with plagiarism -- from Hollywood and politics. Make -- original people. Didn't stick to your own company are actually ACLU says they're standing by and the writer on the part -- comes from -- there with.

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{"id":24925052,"title":"Billy Joel Sings for the 'Uptown Girl'","duration":"3:07","description":"The singer serenades his ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, during a recent concert in NYC.","url":"/WNN/video/billy-joel-sings-uptown-girl-24925052","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}