'Royal Bed' Billed as World's Most Expensive

ABC Travel and Lifestyle Editor Genevieve Shaw Brown tries the $175,000 so-called "Royal Bed."
2:38 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for 'Royal Bed' Billed as World's Most Expensive
This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of queen Elizabeth's reign and there's a special -- that's being produced in her honor. A British mattress company is making only sixty of them and each of them is gonna cost a pretty big chunk of cash. ABC's travel and lifestyle editor Genevieve -- brown checked it out. It's been killed as the world's most expensive bad and the cost a whopping 175000. Dollars. And he takes 700 hours to make just one of these so called wild -- so what -- you -- With this -- -- and the royal price tag that comes ahead. Stipulate that symington to producing -- -- from the man just -- spread inside schools. I'm -- -- -- 150 hours. That's doing the hum -- the fourth time 70000 lives went into creating -- -- that request connection whatever questionable. But that was creates by the rules who would need to work. And they -- -- -- -- will be a wedding dress. Sixty -- -- to -- creek bed but who's going to I want. -- someone who enjoys the very best in everything he thinks about it all Hyatt hotel Savoy Hotel nor its royal -- months 151000 times and ten knowing its -- -- It's time tested out. And what is status symbol how desperate you are for sleep -- dictate why someone would spend more than many people making year on -- -- And forget the plastic surgery is just get a good night's sleep right until evening. -- shop around ABC news New York. That's very nice brings to our FaceBook question of the day. What's your secret to a good night's sleep with somebody insomniacs -- at this hour. We're hoping that you're gonna gonna see your insight at W and fans dot com what do you think 175000. -- as far as it seems excessive. To upgrade to a king mattresses -- talking about this earlier in the market how many queen right now I'm not that kind of -- -- hand would be nice. Have a feeling that's a king size bed that they're talking about there hundreds of I was sent back out just change channels like C it is -- -- -- him he needs on. On a rare night where I can't sleep I mean I don't take advantage of this you have to respect like the universe -- -- forcing -- yeah. I I just go to the other with a bad I put my feet of my head down on my feet are not -- to elect four times a year he tried every -- it doesn't work we're just can't get the walls closing in on you. Switch you just so it should but don't abuse it otherwise the force that. So my advice would I yeah as a wild when you need a good night advice about life from John -- you should starting on mine hearings. Go right back --

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{"id":19517133,"title":"'Royal Bed' Billed as World's Most Expensive ","duration":"2:38","description":"ABC Travel and Lifestyle Editor Genevieve Shaw Brown tries the $175,000 so-called \"Royal Bed.\"","url":"/WNN/video/british-mattress-company-commemorates-60th-anniversary-queens-reign-19517133","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}