Leather Fashion for Little Kids

Burberry's $700 designer outfit is made especially for toddlers.
2:57 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Leather Fashion for Little Kids
And world news now delivers your morning. I since the first morning -- on all of the bar's -- because it's kind of news of the weird re and that is. -- -- -- and star and this is -- in laughable. Barbary you have every right I designer of the Platt they're famous for -- Canada tan plant red -- So at this leather dress out. Great short leather dress zippers all that not for women ride for toddlers there -- is ticket out black leather it's got this -- -- neckline. With a back zipper it flared skirt and it comes just to the little girl's -- pizza that's not to kick -- -- just part. It's the place to -- 695. Dollars or distressed by that for a little kid you -- your lesson. Address weren't talking that that voice inside my head has created -- me up at that yeah. But -- is senator bugs and kind of like that leather dress up front. Owner. -- -- As saying that's for -- little girl. That's Theresa controversy just kind of that's had an accident -- felt so all of this is always a fool out they're gonna buy it. And speaking -- -- -- introduce you to -- when this comes from work for the lake city reporter. Visualize -- for a local Domino's Pizza all right today's and you know what Papa John's is -- -- -- are tough competitor what we do to you don't get a leg up. They decided how to burn down. The neighboring -- Johnson they need to build some kind of device in the battery and some whatever. Go to the store pretty much -- the inside a confidant of course -- they were however heritage and -- -- pajamas got kinda burned down. Republic store and competition that is -- type of these awards are these days impressively though they started the fire less than thirty minutes. Have their own unique thing about Friday evening news and we got -- -- -- the Halloween news rate best Halloween costume ever to -- if you don't have a -- that this does is -- we're free take -- -- One -- won back. And and the way you program it it can you make it make it look like you've got this giant gaping hole in your -- like guys covering their -- that's -- little. It's simple he just. That's his lack. -- pentagon went after the -- and other. It's basically kind of qualification as he did there and then he puts -- fake blood and you put the screen. Attitudes to just -- sort of so that it looks like that you're seeing right through the per cent other -- and that's a great idea. He got an iPad you have to have a second went -- growth slowed along with general Augusto door. Admiral and Helen that I did and also -- in this one of the -- right here this week the most expensive following -- whoever it is a human slinky Soviet exterior -- and a million dollars line around feel free to go on eBay and make yourself be human slinky wrinkle. Million bucks doesn't have a few of that marine shipping that the news this half hour enjoy Halloween everybody -- -- soon.

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{"id":14848605,"title":"Leather Fashion for Little Kids","duration":"2:57","description":"Burberry's $700 designer outfit is made especially for toddlers.","url":"/WNN/video/burberry-sells-leather-dress-for-toddlers-14848605","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}