A New Campaign Tries to Fight Teen Pregnancy

Photos of "pregnant" boys are being used to help kids make the right choices.
2:54 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A New Campaign Tries to Fight Teen Pregnancy
-- map of the mixed depending on where you live you'd probably see on buses and subways things like that campaigns. Aimed at teen pregnancy and -- very impressive PSAs well that's a very adjusting to one going on right now in Chicago. Pictures of a thousand words let's put it up instead of seeing teen mothers -- seeing old pregnant -- It's kind of effective -- -- billboard campaign speeches these pregnant looking boys in the Chicago department of public health says that they chose the unusual images they wanna impress upon young males. The teen pregnancy is not just. Which makes a lot of sense it's been rolled out this week in the city and suburbs on transit buses trains and billboards. Frankly though you know I believe he looks like the guy have a lot of guys on the beach yeah -- just plaguing much -- too much beer. My -- I get it a very very well hopefully poignant PSA that will work. But he's just kind of bizarre looking pictures of -- yeah I think yes I don't know -- -- -- looking up at a billboard is gonna see that in -- I don't know why do pregnant when they are -- when I get to that I hold the -- responsibility -- my current economic seventeen year old girlfriend and I get pregnant you have unprotected sex attack. And -- -- -- say it's a different person -- and I try anything and whatever sticks sticks. So get this they're the five year old boy is being hailed a hero for saving his -- mom had to wait he saved his mom about is an unbelievable. Story he's in the backseat. In his car seat there he is that's Sheila Taylor he's from our Rockingham county North Carolina mom as a senior while they're driving. -- is. Kind of coasting along uncontrollably mom is passed out unconscious in the front seat. It's -- your own child there is demonstrating he gets the -- -- he goes to -- front. About the car he takes control he puts the car in neutral takes -- -- -- for cars break we'll runs out to make and I don't like compensate his mom his mom had a -- also. Absolutely -- -- stop the car and many runs out gets up. That he did it right to keep it all the right things he didn't run around and just sit there and it just for the current partner and stared -- -- -- all right and find yourself and he's five years all things neighbor helping -- -- on line nine on cape mom's OK he's okay dad calls him a hero and rightfully so. -- the best starting today. I had a favorite of the week. All right pot brownies pot cookies hot muffins the butter the next -- -- of this laced food product is called VoIP. -- -- -- -- -- -- Check itself as -- bush repeated her marijuana is now to pigs -- -- -- eight. High quality meats yes he's a marijuana good news in Washington and and popular. -- last Larry -- on whose team and the the pigs we just pointed out it's really just believe how and the -- not the stuff smokers really want -- gives them fiber. You know figuring out the entire day high not to don't want to our director sandy -- in the front of the day pot bellied -- carried out. -- think it.

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{"id":19191068,"title":"A New Campaign Tries to Fight Teen Pregnancy","duration":"2:54","description":"Photos of \"pregnant\" boys are being used to help kids make the right choices.","url":"/WNN/video/campaign-fight-teen-pregnancy-19191068","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}