Celebrity Doubles Get Rich

Regular people who resemble celebrities can make a lot of money doing appearances.
2:54 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Celebrity Doubles Get Rich
All right everybody talked the next -- and you look like any celebrities are people ever say no look like this when I kind of wish -- -- -- Angelina Jolie but I never guess that's what that's an -- think. That's too bad because you know what you make a lot of money. There's a waitress in England who quit her job to become a Britney Spears lookalike and apparently she gets -- to 400. Thousand dollars a year -- -- gets. 4000 dollars for personal appearances. And the Daily Mail what do you think are pretty good right out which one is who who's who -- -- other right. OK and she's on the left and she's -- weeks -- apparently she says she earns 400 grand a year she quit her job as a waitress that's begun making appearances titans down if I sign me up yes. Total value gonna make appearances this -- look like somebody next. And Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Kevin do you analyze do you -- -- and I don't think people that hate needles I can make him. I don't know I would hire you -- retirement you do permits -- I'll do whatever pace. The money -- an -- the hokey pokey. You gotta you -- -- yeah quick point most sexist TV history so. So well up its women who stand in front of men and they judge them on their bodies -- -- -- in. Denmark and yes in Denmark can you believe that it is not enough sexist TV pick -- polka. For example -- -- a call to -- -- all the stories. Rolling -- and welcome to. -- Again everybody dance. And bonds beyond how everything your diet. Yeah. -- movie Bruno and has yeah. When the L and I -- has. Working the graveyard shift that's why we don't. So fine tuning into ABC -- All day every.

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{"id":19098848,"title":"Celebrity Doubles Get Rich","duration":"2:54","description":"Regular people who resemble celebrities can make a lot of money doing appearances.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrity-doubles-rich-19098848","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}