Check Out the Coach of Mexico

Miguel Herrera's goal celebrations have gone viral.
2:56 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for Check Out the Coach of Mexico
And outside collapse and it felt all right here ago. First coming up is Miguel Perez right you may have heard -- end of -- of them and we'll now that's the rob Ford of Mexico the -- is -- very excited. Many goals as well in a victory there goes tackling his player. -- -- seems to have a conspicuous absence in the next. It -- you heard about it it's slightly disturbing viewers that's up. Pushing -- jumping on the ground wrestling that the defendant. -- -- -- -- -- He's very -- -- cheering again. -- very except he's actually still cheering now. Hours -- pretty shocking and it. I believe I don't think he knew he was known George decay rate -- -- directly after -- and doesn't really -- Facebook's seven point. A seven million fans in over three years -- We'll believe it or not he found a very funny labels. -- Certain take a look -- it says it he looked out there it says wash inside outlets revenue. Child before -- watch -- and my gusty -- you. Remove your children before watching them don't you can usually. Especially when -- use bleach or shout yeah begin who has received a hot tumbled. Yeah that was a hug someone that's what I always keep it up cold jam case -- -- -- children are called little bit later. Some had mothers out there Washington -- look at it now we have checked big question. Check this out what your picture right there. Coming out of Argentina. Company set this up. It was paid for by chewing gum company takes -- look down right with -- unless OK -- sexy -- -- and be friends with them just ask you really think I don't know I'm. Some right your left -- to write -- -- what everybody -- -- person on the right these sets of twins and the guys -- the government is sexy or write a check just to. Except that with their mouth -- was sexier. Whoever came -- up Sheffield. Yeah. I think you quit you -- can't our government actually -- -- told that when that so I don't have we haven't finished look inside. Morgan yeah instead -- an -- with -- win I kept them like kids but I saw this video and I would totally do with this. Students -- up about fifty point drop -- off but cool. Oh do you believe that. Well I think a long boom that video was released and June 19 more than a 100000. Views. On the first -- this is from Lake Powell. Do you think could hurt them to slide on I think because underneath I don't know that hard rock with you just put it like Chris go on -- the fourteen went down yeah. Whenever it adds it's impressive.

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{"id":24276027,"title":"Check Out the Coach of Mexico","duration":"2:56","description":"Miguel Herrera's goal celebrations have gone viral.","url":"/WNN/video/check-coach-mexico-24276027","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}