A Construction Site Becomes Video Art

Video and time-lapse cranes at a Vienna construction site are used to create choreographed art.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Construction Site Becomes Video Art
Six time construction sites can be an eyesore most of the time. There's a site in Austria Vienna no less that is been turned into a time lapse video that's quite artistic. Filmmaker -- -- put this together. He's -- construction cranes any time -- that culminated with a light show. Pretty. -- you have health centers. So many of us taking -- these -- today -- but apparently is not a new thing. A self -- get here in New York City. In 1920s. Check that -- Harris so big and so -- that it took two -- to hold the camera and keep it steady. Another photographer actually not certain how they did it can't really cool -- is actually not the first ever southeast the first ever. I believe Kevin -- in Philadelphia and 1830. -- sound. -- -- And nail -- are trending after all about the tide athletic -- you heard of these Jews closes at a very trendy yes there's a good one about an ice cream Clinton's. Find me updating. Believe it or not now it's of the united -- -- so I don't know that I've never had the united. I mean that's I think I've personally go for the Haagen -- Clinton yes that is the big -- a keep these ice cream shop offering -- 240 outclassed by -- -- brought coconut based ice cream. For four days that actually comes in below the average amount of calories a male female need for the day. So and they say the -- saturated fat in these -- famous miracle worker in the -- so they go Marcy may be little and I'm. Act and I am present days -- I feel like -- eat ice cream everyday anyway see you say I can cut out the vegetable and olive and legal two million and are not okay. We always talk about these crazy world records that people are setting this. This phone special I've got it broke the world record for the most wall that's crap. 55 -- that's how one minute. Now he's a martial art that's our SEC east of breaking -- That this is a skill that you have. Same thing like -- world record that I had a dagger type that does -- this -- like yeah right we'll -- Where you come up with these creative ways but -- yeah. -- -- -- World record but so I guess that was worked on the practice and eat the bad headache that I'm -- came after us. Reporter involvement in the middle we're out of -- -- fat you can tell us out. Actually very -- -- -- the from a. I think the -- Love -- -- ailments and yet it could.

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{"id":22857366,"title":"A Construction Site Becomes Video Art","duration":"3:00","description":"Video and time-lapse cranes at a Vienna construction site are used to create choreographed art.","url":"/WNN/video/construction-site-video-art-22857366","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}