'Dancing With the Stars' Cast revealed

A varied group of celebrities will vie for the mirrored ball.
1:43 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast revealed
Welcome back everybody puts -- big announcement yesterday was all about. -- season. 87 Dancing With The Stars of the new cast has been real season fourteen Casillas who -- the big names for you DW TS fans out there these are the the cast of all stars this year Jack Wagner of Melrose Place fame Melissa Gilbert Little House on the Prairie -- Donald Driver of that back -- -- TV personality Maria when Newt knows what -- my favorites that we have. And yes indeed have -- William Levy. Sherri shepherd from the view that we -- Katherine -- -- opera singer Gavin McGraw another very talented singer. Rounded out the cast here Martina Navratilova tennis alleged. And then -- Sean Fagan a star one of the Disney shows and lower my favorite heroes and -- watch family matters back in the ninety's I guided. Steve Oracle all grown up Joseph Leo why it's so interesting mix of folks this year and is also won only Gladys Knight another my third and final favorite. But actually a chance to interview her -- always -- a year ago back last may -- -- that the -- is doing -- show here -- New -- actually have a family connection she looks -- rates. I -- can we see here of the -- forcing really excited so welcome aboard the last thing that midnight train into the -- and you will be perhaps. Actually -- Maria are my favorites purple and black does that make an early call one of those results -- -- that's my bed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right now everybody was watching the Oscars and there was one person is stood out Natalie Portman is attributing the there was another -- and Natalie Portman and her. Benjamin ability to her apparent new husband authority until they're jeweler as you can see there are left -- events -- there. Apparently according to the -- -- the -- have tied the knot and they were the jeweler made them recycled platinum. Bands with conflict free diamonds I have no idea what that means. Down apparently they are doing very well -- had little baby last year so I'm not there a married couple what. And probably good for -- remarkable news is wearing -- And this time it is Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and they have a new baby boy after their two little girls. And -- -- first they were thinking well who really want another girl this is you know analysts say look we've got girls that's what I know. But they are ecstatic over the baby boy no word yet on the baby's name. But a good looking kid who -- matter they absolutely. Also Ashton -- back in the headlines a little bit this morning obviously you know after the Oscars ceremony it's -- thought of all those glitzy Hollywood party -- -- -- come out. So he was spot on this woman -- a little ray who we were saying is -- Danny Moore a lookalike of course a couple split in. Then -- certainly had -- her fair share of troubles the last. Several weeks here but he was spotted out -- not only with the end not only at this -- -- but also the response the -- in Europe as well also this could be actions new squeeze and they were saying. There's little bit Demi Moore resemblance I don't know -- quite see it but. There could be his news you know listed as. And that I stuck let somebody would talk yesterday Paula dean holidays. Saying you know she can make some great southern cooking have -- she is kind of starting at a low fat version. And apparently she herself is kind of a new version of herself she's got to -- -- -- you can see -- there. This -- looks really gut. She has no idea how much she -- don't ask her she does not own a scale around. Really coming came out to pant size of that of the diabetes now even better you look good love darling.

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{"id":15814553,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Cast revealed","duration":"1:43","description":"A varied group of celebrities will vie for the mirrored ball.","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-cast-revealed-15814553","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}