Death of James Gandolfini

Tributes and tears come in for the former "Sopranos" star.
3:37 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for Death of James Gandolfini
OK so we start our skating once again with the tragic passing of actor James Gandolfini he was in Italy only 51 years old from -- -- pat passing from an apparent heart attack. -- we want and just quickly mention -- -- as saying that he was apparently there for kind of father suddenly connection trip with his son. And we haven't gotten word we have many to confirm that obviously but there's there's a picture in my face that it was a father -- -- and many also had plans that he was also planning on going to a film festival there in Italy two. -- you know kind of promote some of the work that he's been that he's been doing. -- continue -- also add up with him back in May and he seemed to be in pretty good spirits take -- listen to us. McCain is now being made his previous ten dozen movie. I don't know what damages. Correlate with the. James re satisfied with the ending of that this guy are -- from. Classic perhaps they're actually here -- is broken and -- -- -- -- And that's not -- to satisfying not if you ask me anyway and you know moving on now obviously today into the great loss and we have a couple we have a couple of things that we want to show you hear these -- -- these are reactions that are coming in this one from doctor LP as you may remember she was a doctor. This is -- -- she said we lost a giant today I am utterly. Heart broken. Also coming in from Jeff Daniels who starred with him in god of carnage which was a Broadway play that he was in -- now and Jeff Daniels is the start HBO series in -- -- heading into its second season he wrote. If Broadway has a version of a guy you want in your foxhole Jim Gandolfini was mined during our time together and -- -- -- to -- 320 performances together. He did it -- one sadly and now miss him like a brother a lot of people saying the same thing. And that he was a brother he and he was and he was that's a lot of people. You know we in the world of Hollywood so once again. James Gandolfini Don -- -- at the age of 51 from an apparent heart attack. He was vacationing in Italy as we sat with his and with his son there's another one this is a tweet from Senator John McCain. RIP rest in peace James Gandolfini one of the nicest guys I've ever met once again raise something that's resonating across Hollywood politicians everybody has anything to say about James -- -- -- saying the same thing just a standup. Got the only bad thing here is he could be difficult but that just basically Manny was really devoted to his -- here is a really hard work. We'll have more on this all morning -- Disturbing story in the New York Daily News Paula -- the celebrity chef famous for her southern style admits to using racial slurs in court desperate deposition last month. But says that she and her and her brother are not racist and a three hour deposition given on May seventeenth the 66 year old cook. Asked was asked if she ever -- the and -- response was yes of course. In the testimony -- she said other things as well she said that. Things changed since the sixties in the south and my children -- my brother object to the word being used in a cruel or mean behavior as well -- -- -- how about objecting to the -- being used at all and -- you know any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Somebody who used to work with her restaurant in Georgia alleges that -- -- -- on several occasions that matter that her brother sexually assaulted her self. You know I think I always have to take with a -- assault somebody that says may I say racist things but I but I cannot resist -- -- they have plenty of -- goes to write those two things don't really work out for -- we'll have to see what comes out of this lawsuit. Yet clearly -- be following Karen we'll be right back about it.

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{"id":19443849,"title":"Death of James Gandolfini","duration":"3:37","description":"Tributes and tears come in for the former \"Sopranos\" star.","url":"/WNN/video/death-james-gandolfini-19443849","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}