Deer Alive in Man's Trunk

A deer believed to be dead jumped out of a man's trunk during a police inspection.
2:51 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for Deer Alive in Man's Trunk
Why it is time for the next -- you ready I'm ready are listening to ask a man is driving. Hits and dear okay. It happens it happens and then you know places across America -- that might sound of the city -- you can actually picked the -- up and you can use it for personal consumption yes which is a good idea guests -- rather leave that for roadkill OK that sounds good anyway the police pull over -- -- public art cars pull over and yes that what's up -- -- a guy hit a -- semi truck. Watch what happens next when -- police over the -- You know lagging. Can -- You must have just been stunned he was not dead -- the driver thought he pops out. Wobbles around had they have no -- -- ten runs away and and I thought it Blanco. And there are -- he's got -- permit we can take the -- for human consumption. Obviously this year. Was just knocked down he wasn't dead of heart failure I don't ecstatically Seattle would collapse -- trial now I don't like any fault yeah really know what happened to the -- we're hoping that he's okay. Finally -- something that if you're out there here. -- barrier coverage of the cougar ads in my the -- and now this guy isn't holds a cougar. 350. Four and I hope it's not 35 because of that very load up on the Internet for us however what -- -- areas certainly -- At the menu like today cougars are -- nicknamed cubs and they are between 25 and 35 -- -- -- -- 35 years -- because and they do the same age that's a good point there he -- so current metal that it. That's assigned to point and we digress there is something called a cougar cruise. For women in their hand guardian ran out when authorities this is a one stop shopping that he wanted to see younger available and eager men if they want me -- So really eagle what is cruising he doesn't cost a whole lot of money it's July 8 339 -- -- up for fight night shrink. And they kind of pair you up it's a 5050 split of men and women -- cougars had -- -- and get together. Saves what does that make me you can't -- cooler in -- Part one what's sexy name Taggart for Mary -- yeah and young women regulation. The plan Barrett right do you watch the Simpsons at all. -- since in the troublemaker you have watched since it's my favorite -- television. Not on ABC and ES. But anyway a guy in England -- his name is mark Simpson he gets arrested for firearm charges goes before the judgment and mr. -- He's the -- Part Simpson in front of the judge mr. burns no word if the guy who brought to court was chief -- enough cash. Okay. -- selling some -- incidents in front of way I see at what's what's what's his -- -- -- Montgomery -- I want it thanks.

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{"id":18778957,"title":"Deer Alive in Man's Trunk","duration":"2:51","description":"A deer believed to be dead jumped out of a man's trunk during a police inspection. ","url":"/WNN/video/deer-alive-mans-trunk-18778957","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}