Desperate Search for Missing Firefighter in Southern California

ABC News' Molly Hunter reports that a new clue may help in the search for 36-year-old Mike Herdman.
1:56 | 06/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Desperate Search for Missing Firefighter in Southern California
We actually began this half hour with a desperate search. For a missing firefighter in the rugged area of California mountains -- was off duty and a backpacking trip with a friend when he vanished last weekend. Now a new -- may have turned up ABC's Molly hunter has the details. On day three of the search and finally another clue. A possible sighting of Michael heard men's dog duke we found his background we found footprints in the direction that he was last seen going so we. You know we're starting from there and done. Work our way out methodically. Drop by -- bush but bush is the 36 year old firefighter has been missing for six days now. On Friday he went running after duke and disappeared into the darkness. The back country of Los Padres National Forest bare -- no food no water no supplies. -- was on a weekend -- with his buddy fellow firefighter Tyler buyers. They were camping -- remote area almost twice the size of the Grand Canyon. We blow whistles once a -- to see we can't hear anybody we stop we listen in all your traditional. Ways of you know looking for anybody might be injured. It took buyers two days to hike out of -- -- country just to report hurt and missing. The -- a pair -- first three days worth counting food or shelter any additional clothing or anything like that's going to be a tough environment to. -- Pregnant wife and six year old daughter had expected him home last Sunday on Father's Day and they're still waiting. I had no did I have no doubt that he could survive out there. For weeks. Pregnant is a veteran firefighter paramedic as skilled outdoorsman who knew that area well now there is -- creek near that campsite where he was last seen. And -- -- if he's able to stay near water his chances of survival -- clearly higher but time is running out. -- --

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{"id":24206769,"title":"Desperate Search for Missing Firefighter in Southern California","duration":"1:56","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter reports that a new clue may help in the search for 36-year-old Mike Herdman.","url":"/WNN/video/desperate-search-missing-firefighter-southern-california-24206769","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}