Disney Goes High Fashion for the Holidays

Disney's most famous faces get transported to the runway and on display in New York City.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Transcript for Disney Goes High Fashion for the Holidays
You're watching American morning America's number of early morning -- And finally from us this morning Disney characters like you've never seen them before they are front and center for a holiday tradition that one of New York's most. Fashionable stores. Calling -- -- Madison avenue makeovers going from this ten kids glam dot supermodels dialed for the holidays. Disney's most famous faces -- few feet know what it's like you've never seen at this hour. The mind blowing make over is just for the holidays in the windows at New York's -- Barney's. This or its annual IG and outside the box displays. This year the window show a brief film. Many imagines herself at the fashion shows in Paris and with -- little -- he sees things sorted for the gunman. He style maven Sarah Jessica Parker gets the cartoon thing. Through -- you have beautifully here's the thing here. She was there Caribbean sailing with our -- Disney CEO Bob -- ST eighteen weighing -- on -- controversial skinny mini. It's a fantasy and -- imagine ourselves. It is scenario. Much different from our -- and fashion magazines and fashion at that same set of aspiration of holiday. Tiger hopes the event serves as a way to keep the iconic characters on the cutting edge of style. We're actually presenting of the marriage between Disney characters and high fashion it proves that a great characters kind of timeless and always in style. And it's for a good causes 25% of the proceeds of the Disney Barney's holiday fashion ninth. We'll go to the Red Cross to help victims of hurricane sandy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As an adult fairy tales this story also has a happy ending. You have beautiful years as well component who better to hear you -- -- About -- -- -- of course the parent company of ABC news if you couldn't tell. Is making news in America this morning say let -- -- good morning.

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{"id":17724901,"title":"Disney Goes High Fashion for the Holidays","duration":"3:00","description":"Disney's most famous faces get transported to the runway and on display in New York City.","url":"/WNN/video/disney-high-fashion-holidays-17724901","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}