Papers: Dog Chews Up the Cash

A Florida canine devours its owner's money; nun has bad gambling habit.
2:57 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Papers: Dog Chews Up the Cash
-- world news now delivers your morning. -- time for morning papers and this -- to check out in Florida with the sun sentinel this is a great story. Apparently a couple had almost paid off their -- -- -- a thousand dollars sitting on the -- somewhere in the house. And all of a sudden thousand dollars is gone well -- go their dog too -- a Labrador. Decided to make a little snack permit and those are the remnants of those ten to 100 dollar bills actually managed -- dig through the well then remains of -- in the -- and -- -- about nine -- of the cash. -- -- there are still trying to piece together didn't go all the way through for lack of a better. -- thousand dollars I think I would I would be digging through it and that's -- -- 900 dollar investment. -- -- -- coming out of New York my hometown New York Post we've got to none. Of the gambling habit apparently. She. Stole embezzled about one million dollar -- national -- Now all I and I went to Catholic schools like sister Mary Frances. -- -- Still a hundred million as -- one million dollars -- -- on slot machines in Atlantic City she's. You know there was a federal probe launch after the school this is Iona College reveal the missing money. In its tax filings last year she didn't get any jail time. But she's horrified and embarrassed embarrassed for parents sisters Susie I mean it's and its -- I'm not plan where but it has -- -- and obviously he's addicted to a dull you know she's got she's got her addiction treated Atlantic City is always calling. Everyone already had a son now in Ohio The Herald sun is reporting that some -- 44 year old -- -- decided that -- someone that was an an and -- Holland Ohio they -- -- little Christmas cheering up so he breaks into their house. Lights a candle on the coffee table lights a candle on -- kitchen table turns on the TV and starts decorating the house. For the holidays. It's -- his house. Eleven year old that lives there comes and says -- were you doing here. Calls -- his mom says -- the you know this guy the guy says. -- -- citing this Gary others get my things and I'll be on my head apparently was high and -- high that bath salts and yet we're -- -- mature and decorate your house and -- Yes they way they -- And also less -- that -- coming out of the Daily Mail there is a perfume now. Yep a tablet that you can take to sort of sent your sweat and a second natural perfume but the problem I think with -- is -- You don't know what you can as well I think so yes yes and you gotta stop with the senate so it sounds like a good idea about what if you're like kind of funky after always those -- always -- these people don't -- I. It's Mercer him that it -- don't want to accept half stick -- that is in this half hour that's our online surprises on FaceBook at W and and fans. Dot com.

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{"id":14946813,"title":"Papers: Dog Chews Up the Cash","duration":"2:57","description":"A Florida canine devours its owner's money; nun has bad gambling habit.","url":"/WNN/video/dog-eats-owners-cash-nun-has-gambling-habit-14946813","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}