One-on-One with Donald Trump

In an interview with ABC's Tom Llamas, Trump claims House Speaker Paul Ryan is not supporting the Republican nominee because it conflicts with his personal interests.
4:02 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for One-on-One with Donald Trump
You believe there were only three weeks away it's almost over this election. And will it three weeks ago Donald Trump revving up supporters. With escalating allegations of a rigged election. Trump held a rally last night in Wisconsin where he again called on supporters to keep an eye out for fraud at the polls and he vowed to end government corruption if he's elected. After recently lashing out at house speaker Paul Ryan trump also suggested that Ryan may actually want him to lose the election. It's your voice your vote here's a truck had to say to ABC's Tommy honest. You better of you could hear or not but before you've got here may be right around the time you got your there was a chance insight Paul Ryan's sucks. Is Paul Ryan hurting you or helping. Well I don't have been knocking polarized and I think he could be more supportive to the Republican nominee we're doing well I think we're gonna win the election do you think he wants you to win. What may be in because maybe wants to run in four years and maybe doesn't know how to win could be just as no headway I mean who can grew Leno. If you are asked have you crossed the line in the past with women ever I don't think so and I have great respect for women I have tremendous respect for women. These people come up may be for a little fame were made before some of the reasoning may be because they're part of that Clinton Campaign. And I think a couple of them were involved somehow with the Clinton Campaign. The one that I met on an airplane thirtieth 35 years ago. I mean nobody can believe that's a believable story listen to that story. In addition to that there is even a witness but I mean can anyone really believe that a thing like that took place it's ridiculous. Point is it's lives penalized. And the media should be playing even US in this question to meet you shouldn't be playing up but I don't mind the question because I like telling people. Pure lies it was fabricated stuffed in all cases last question B debate on on Wednesday. Which Donald Trump regency we saw much more aggressive kind of you you were year old element that's second to based all we can see that candidate. In this next debate well I think so look there's a lot to be aggressive about she's been terrible you look at ice and most if that also. Why do they connect muscle with all of this notice four months' notice within has what in the just go in and get now what's happened one of the primary reasons. Wanted to get the fingers the places they were all god they left. So what are they doing their attention that was a waste of column saying they attack in Mosul and the primary reason was they wanted to get the leaders of vices. But if you want to leaders devices you go in and surprise you you do like you know you want to surprise people you don't wanna go in and announce it all over. ABC and every other players so they go out they announce it I think it's ridiculous I think the way our country's being run time. So ridiculous but muscles an example I mean they're fighting for muscle the leaders have now left. Adams in what you do and frankly. Who's going to be the winner of that battle Iran because Iran unfortunately he's taken over Iraq. So they're doing that really in my opinion because they want to have some kind of a little skirmish prior to the election so this could mr. tropic everytime you very. Thank you thank you. As Donald Trump talking to ABC's Tommy Thomas and Trump's wife Malloy Omnia is also speaking out ten days. After that video was released to the public followed by an avalanche of allegations. Money a trump told CNN that she doesn't believe the women accusing her husband of kissing or groping them. And she acknowledged that his language is inappropriate and unacceptable but chalks it up to boy talk. Since ethnic I don't know that person dead with gaga that play. And that said he would say that's kind of a staffing private I think many defense and stuff a boy stock a the boys the delay they talk when they grow up and they won that. And the sometimes so we tied their own peace and that and talking about the Guerrero sent. But to am. I he I would I was surprised of course. How we users jump also blamed host Billy bush accusing him of egging on her husband in the 2005 recording. Last night Billy bush was fired from NBC's today show.

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{"id":42875567,"title":"One-on-One with Donald Trump","duration":"4:02","description":"In an interview with ABC's Tom Llamas, Trump claims House Speaker Paul Ryan is not supporting the Republican nominee because it conflicts with his personal interests.","url":"/WNN/video/donald-trump-42875567","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}