Dr. Dre Named Highest Paid Musician

The rapper flies to top of list partly because of his signature headphone sales.
2:55 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for Dr. Dre Named Highest Paid Musician
Welcome back everybody let's start now with the highest paid musicians -- 2012 the new Forbes list is out. That he won't believe who led the pack Dr. Dre from may have -- -- -- this year. -- 110 million dollars not so much because of music -- because of those headphones everybody loves. -- beats by Dre. Others leading the -- Roger Waters -- founding member of Pink Floyd with 88 million Elton John eighty million U two's 78 million. Take that 69 million. Britney Spears the highest -- woman number 758. Million since Taylor Swift -- Paul McCartney 57 billion just to be wrapped up the top ten. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah this company holiday parties aggravated -- attending -- apparently massive hangover epidemic there goes one. That you won't have -- -- -- yeah. 66. You have either come to McConnell left after attending a holiday party I attended that holiday party head in. That the actual photo of them somebody's -- you. A. Father to have fully recovered from back. -- -- -- Politics and foreign rooms full blown -- out there -- -- homes. It's being. -- -- -- -- their golden grain two's -- some console on -- hospital. -- -- and world news -- It's not a good night -- on the brakes and Iraq. And I don't know -- -- -- everybody I think -- Perhaps imclone and the. Three. Again. -- yeah yeah. -- Then make those words could break your it's we -- I don't I'm in you sir Ian. They only do -- God told me I'm. We are heading home -- national. -- -- -- -- -- France and news -- Yeah. Thankfully -- yeah.

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{"id":17844456,"title":"Dr. Dre Named Highest Paid Musician","duration":"2:55","description":"The rapper flies to top of list partly because of his signature headphone sales.","url":"/WNN/video/dr-dre-named-highest-paid-musician-17844456","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}