DWTS: Palin Eliminated

Bristol Palin gets the boot from "Dancing With the Stars."
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DWTS: Palin Eliminated
Welcome back about a time -- -- -- here of course our obligatory update on Dancing With The Stars here. Double elimination night last -- let's -- right to -- -- two votes and got the boot this week. Yet Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas both of them got voted and last week. Comment last night apparently knew they were bumping up against the presidential debates -- have a lot of time to -- -- at the end of the show they had to get a cut to the you know the presidential coverage but anyway -- the competition they are now. They are now can't say that again. Another pair together so that it looked overvalued Intel I don't watch the show. But. You don't Bradley Effect neither -- you and -- I gotta take my way through. So like a nightmare if you watch you know got voted off so -- by Bristol seated next. Yes. OK you know -- not getting booted up. Any time soon as your -- -- However if you have to figure this is gonna give you reason that I -- next month's in style magazine she is -- members cover girl. She is looking good look at Kimberly she's forty -- -- that's amazing that you look at that. -- that is 46 thought that. So she opens up about her Lovelace of course she's engaged getting married -- the third time to Olivier Martinez and she just talks about. How she wished she would have done things differently -- -- certain advice about. Certain more movies that she wanted to do and didn't because of the advice she had -- just tell us about their bodies she tells me don't stress about your -- are finding appreciate the young money head who looked like he once did but don't strive to be like them and she's got promoted movie as well thought out list which is in theaters and October. And you -- by Bradley could buy that magazine. October 19. -- -- The tribal how reversed like this you have pretty rocky love life so I hope that the -- time. Is that some -- to -- -- beautiful beautiful woman it's incredibly talented side of the this -- -- of color and really beautiful both. Only no -- I don't know in relief but I see everything I -- you -- Michael Larson wrote to -- -- -- -- McPherson -- couldn't -- and let -- -- Bad also spigot beautiful women here Tyra Banks is back in the headlines they've -- -- on Steve Harvey show -- -- an air later today. And apparently led by. Logical clock may -- ticket a little bit take a listen. Already happened me. I'm -- to have some behalf and -- thought I would hear you countless. Thirty years old I think it's time they don't need hard boiled in Friday and scrambled up in this I don't get the eggs and and -- it. Actually I'd -- she was 38 neither are gays as you obviously ready to have a baby she was rumored to be dating her America's Next Top Model code judge Robert Evans as she says she actually refers older men she says -- -- cougars if she -- -- well. To keep it that defined as someone more her aides do. Be with severe chest high yes that's 34 -- off the so go look tirade that to get pregnant Beckett does not come out for -- first. But anyway -- That is certainly wouldn't have to move on put -- -- at -- -- just gonna come as a shock to you so hold on to your seat at least contain yourself that talents Emily Maynard and Jeff with one half. There's gone those -- -- -- the -- yeah. -- exclusive statement to people she's isn't sorry to tell you we have parted ways it was difficult heartbreaking I have nothing but respect and love for -- but one that and his family. He says that it was a real breaks his heart but they have decided to break up of course there are rumors that she was texting Matt liner cornerback backup quarterback for the raiders. That reality TV show love doesn't work ago. --

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{"id":17497664,"title":"DWTS: Palin Eliminated","duration":"3:00","description":"Bristol Palin gets the boot from \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-palin-eliminated-17497664","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}