'DWTS' All-Star Season

'Dancing With the Stars' returns with a season of past winners and other all-stars.
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Transcript for 'DWTS' All-Star Season
And now it's time for this skinny. Dancing With The Stars that's right it has kicked off a new season -- believed. This is the fifteenth season it's amazing that so many seasons of double seasons yet but yet still up to fifteen seasons and now it's. All stars -- -- know about that's -- -- -- is 62 stars more than 1000. Dances Dancing With The Stars. Is back with a circle all star season -- -- we have people like god Bristol Palin. Pamela Anderson Emmitt Smith a lot of these folks have won it before six of Mattapan have have one home that's pan the cheapest -- that way. But there -- some of them impressed some of them didn't. Emmett Smith shaking as Bob -- Really really at all friends remembered he really is also remember he won. The mirror ball trophy in 2006. Mysterious -- check -- to what is -- that -- wasn't that -- yeah. How well he's the hardest shot just a shade of polls allowed him to shake his hips as he just saw all over the dance -- And he got the highest score up 24. Point five this this season they can have a half one half. The lowest Pamela -- Anderson interestingly enough she did this like really sexy dance some folks in our meeting this saw -- -- an email like pulling and he was -- -- it -- I can't blame -- does look great shape she looks really good. I think some of the judges but maybe a little too sexy -- -- seventeenth. But. Com wow home. So it started it starts to happen to be good season yet again I don't know what. All right -- -- we talk about Lindsay Lohan again we have to we got something new TMC reporting that she's been hospitalized. This happened on Sunday night for a long infection. According to the site -- one's been telling friends for weeks that she's suffering from walking pneumonia when things got especially bad over the weekend she was rushed to New York's mount Sinai hospital. People reporting actress was hit hard by the effects of asthma well once rep told the magazine she was treated and released and doing fine of course. She made those headlines just last week at that would add to that reported hit and run with a pedestrian in new York and there are rep says that -- accident being investigated. -- will be found innocent eventually Lohan was charged with leaving the scene of an accident so -- I don't know what to. Believe you know slightly -- -- -- -- just stand in who span the hospital like you know let's -- liked it. Active rubble trying or even going to nightclubs and I think most of the problems would clear up just clear up just isn't in that we are insane it's nothing like yeah. Because her talent is great -- -- -- Kanye Kanye is you -- he's. Apparently he doesn't only have one sex tape ladies and gentlemen he has to cool 61 has yet -- isn't that enough yet there are currently being shot to the highest bidder apparently someone took it off his computer allegedly. Somebody -- -- in his -- tapes are impressively long the true. -- is roughly twenty minutes and the seconds more then the forty we're talking constant. And -- -- -- relatives say there's no brakes brake system you know Rick I can't tell you mean things -- -- Friday -- she -- she rose to fame after her sex tape was released. Man he has sex tapes of his own -- I don't know I mean it just has this look at coasters in Texas sex tape conspiracy why people still. Having sex tape -- do you I don't get. In some release these somehow on both want them to get out -- -- -- the publicity -- -- -- how does it get off your computer and somebody else has and you don't know about it is that ever happen to you with -- -- -- document anything. -- makes you wonder article house 325. Years. Sure we have the pictures show you John's name was Bob sat at the whole gang there well not entirely -- -- looking at. What was missing from that picture yeah. Yeah I'm Marion actually -- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who broke into -- is toddlers and they were not there judging by the video deals. His dad had until -- -- if John statements can show up ladies you can't show up. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17317151,"title":"'DWTS' All-Star Season","duration":"3:00","description":"'Dancing With the Stars' returns with a season of past winners and other all-stars.","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-star-season-17317151","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}