ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue

Athletes including Courtney Force and Matt Harvey bare it all in the latest issue of ESPN Magazine.
3:00 | 07/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue
-- -- -- and loud get ready for some pictures here folks ESPN's magazine that the body issue has some athletes in. -- you might not be. Normally we're used to seeing check this out Matt -- this is the young gun Mets pitcher who -- -- -- the all star game flow -- -- check it out out -- -- get back harder to do that does not -- -- -- -- Anyway they have a bunch of big check about -- -- was taking his room service out of this hotel room there. It's kind of -- the New York Daily News talk to Matt Harvey he said to them. Wracking at first I've never been fully nude in front of random people like that before -- with a camera around but now that it's all done it was a fun experience that he was one of twenty athletes a lot of good ones Kyle copper -- from San Francisco 49ers let's put up but there was some women and -- What we have here. A little lost and -- So here we go Courtney force race car driver checked her out how to carry out battling an -- -- can. Again she yes he was one of the eight selected for the cover and that she says I try to shine -- light on our sport. And show that we are athletes must certainly shined in the light on that one and then check out -- -- is that all awesome. That would be the madam -- as he is called. Kenneth Faried from the Denver Nuggets and as an awesome -- hold. -- -- challenge people to look away from these photographs fear how much now. RA. Leon -- -- -- have to move on brits are about Paris Hilton and apparently her grandmother and her mom Debbie Rowe. Have decided that once she's made -- recovery after her alleged suicide attempt they -- ago to. I'm -- -- checks and they've they would likely to go to a place called to a boarding school. Four. Teens troubled teens and it's called the diamond ranch academy -- Utah apparently costs that. About 6000 dollars a month but it is controversial there's some web sites out there that disagree with the methods of this ranch. But it's no time soon -- -- they wanna give her full time they get better before they. She's a sweet -- I hope she gets it together she's young and I just hope she now -- It's back on our -- let's hope it works Sophia Lauren the ageless beauty. That Italian actress she's gone back to the movies at the age of 78 years -- has -- Grayson big screens for a long time. But the Oscar winner is and return for her first starring role -- over a decade is going to be a film called -- -- lemont the human voice based on. 1930 play and they would be really neat to see her back on the big screen like a classic. I have total -- Isn't she and that her son is directing the film -- believe -- check Eric Allie if there. -- -- she Owens let's break even in you know from -- then she's older. Whole class back yeah I'll always see list looks good -- timeless.

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{"id":19602489,"title":"ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue","duration":"3:00","description":"Athletes including Courtney Force and Matt Harvey bare it all in the latest issue of ESPN Magazine.","url":"/WNN/video/espn-magazine-body-issue-19602489","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}