The Facebook Hug?

MIT students have created a garment connected to Facebook that will "hug" you when you get a like.
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Transcript for The Facebook Hug?
Well now it's time for that mix and get this you bet that poking. Feature that function not unsafe sources and knowing I think yeah I think it's kind of -- yet. Well actually some MIT students have designed a wearable social media best yes and it translates everything. Virtual FaceBook life into a real -- So it's sort of like poking. When you like somebody singing seated -- -- real nasty people containers sit there and then when someone likes you it's a -- you. -- it. Oh below league you have -- -- on -- -- if radio computer -- FaceBook waiting for a very Stewart play. You not based on semi electronic -- -- -- is slowly slowly being thanks so creepy it's much friendlier than the folk -- That is creepy but that takes its it was creamy lack -- -- -- it's. With the boot what kind of didn't like -- unless you have these students came up with a brilliant but maybe little lonely future. Yeah. -- FaceBook heady mix today because this is on the news they're doing what we all of that like what you can like on something like this alike that. Now the -- the testing out they want. Button on FaceBook where you can say you want somebody like a different kind of -- product out there are so you know whether to home furnishing or piece of clothing something like that. And a father of an apartment with some pretty you know well known -- pottery barn Victoria's Secret -- Look at that people give those things you click the one and it appears on your time lines of the people can see would you want it perhaps share it does not pirates aren't gonna get -- cheaper. Afraid now but they may there may be some kind of fee structure involved in all this anyhow what's happening out the you can kind of build this portfolio of FaceBook -- -- your wish list of goods. That you want of course it's all linked back to get your advertising and all that and whatever would -- a candidate like getting it for free. What's the what's the what is the point the point I'm just telling you -- -- -- a good advertises some money -- what you don't addicted to Twitter. You know what you -- all of its what I love Twitter. Apparently there's been a study by some researchers at Chicago's university's Booth business school and they have determined the -- The yearning to interactive tweets and photos and comments was actually shot -- insects and -- yeah. This yet so people happy about -- Twitter for sex with people rather -- there and -- the movie -- who don't know. -- some people. We shouldn't get hit once -- negatively it was on the spot but moon the -- you gotta think about it -- who could come Carnahan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Moot McCall mr. hostage that was not what I don't know we've got some problems -- -- yeah yeah.

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{"id":17439963,"title":"The Facebook Hug?","duration":"3:00","description":"MIT students have created a garment connected to Facebook that will \"hug\" you when you get a like.","url":"/WNN/video/facebook-hug-17439963","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}