FBI Aiding Boston Police in Manhunt

ABCs' Pierre Thomas reports that suspect on run will "shoot himself out of a situation."
1:56 | 04/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI Aiding Boston Police in Manhunt
And we now want to move to ABC's Pierre Thomas who is in washing ten. -- you've been in contact with your FBI sources throughout the evening and the morning what can you tell us. The FBI says now they're trying to assist the state and Boston PD in searching. -- suspect number two the suspect who had the white cap on that we've been seeing in the videos and photographs. They said that is the highest priority they believe that this person is a terrorist who's willing to kill as. Brian just noted and will that he's likely capable of taking hostages and will likely try to shoot his way out or bar on his way out of any situation. Law enforcement officials also say party number two is too. Try to get control of whatever explosive devices that have been left behind. Law enforcement officials are telling me this could not be a more urgent dangerous situation and you have unfolding. In that area right now. One suspecting. Was actually and taken to custody and we -- told that that -- suspect. As deceased but it clearly that there's no time to let down because this is a very dangerous situation. -- thank you Diana. I don't care I do have one more question for you if you if you have a moment there. -- that worm -- we don't -- we now you mentioned earlier that the release of those two pictures from the and from the FBI had created a V Hyde situation. What do what exactly does that mean for this case. Well what the UF BI believes is that. When they made the decision to release the photographs and -- video that that would create intense pressure. Upon both the public to give information but also on the suspects to do something and that they would likely make some kind of mistake at least that was to -- And then that this was somehow run them to ground so you see literally hours after those photographs and video are released. This is exactly what appears to have happened. -- Thomas reporting for us from Washington thank you very much.

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{"id":18995413,"title":"FBI Aiding Boston Police in Manhunt","duration":"1:56","description":"ABCs' Pierre Thomas reports that suspect on run will \"shoot himself out of a situation.\"","url":"/WNN/video/fbi-aiding-boston-police-manhunt-18995413","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}