Yes, Fish Will Fly Out of a Cannon

The Whooshh flying fish cannon helps salmon swim upstream.
2:56 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Yes, Fish Will Fly Out of a Cannon
Welcome back it's time for the next time for some good laughs you know if you didn't think fish could fly it. Think again I introduce you to the -- Fish -- we'll take a look. There it is. This is developed by some guys in Washington State to take salmon. It had to dare they feed him and lot of the river they -- and and they shoot these salmon you'll see in the second over the man -- -- of course those dams on the rivers in the northwest. Our big challenge for salmon that swim upstream to breed and spawn. Actually love salmon you know the salmon have got to get up there to reproduce so how lost one what a better way to get them over that dams in this campaign. Can't let go wild ride and I guess it was originally designed for fruit. They're like one got the big night -- they love it fifteen to twenty miles an -- hundred feet in the air like a giant fish slip and slide well I've got a giant. Fish but whale shark of a story coming up next over to Fisher's fisherman off the coast of the in the Atlantic Ocean spear -- and they got -- -- You there live look at the -- Even here -- the underwater sort of gases from the one of those divers and the other one who decides you're just trying to get on board. And I love the way whale sharks have sort of an entourage of their own all the little. Sessions and millions look at -- -- -- I do understand that whale sharks -- Some of the more benign shirts they're called the filter feeders they those wide mouth and eat plankton. They don't want to -- Exciting -- -- -- some good things are moving on now if case you haven't seen online this craze that's going around this ice bucket challenge for sale last. Somebody videos on social media this one caught our I have a daughter showing -- how it's done to nickel and here she is. -- -- -- moves on the down. At. The hands. Talk for sale last via AP's orient bank PLS association -- a 1000%. Spike over. Thanks for this -- get out there give it a try apparently. Word is that New Jersey governor Chris Christie is dishing out challenges we could see some stars include them in the very touching -- -- -- -- its first weeks. And -- -- -- what happens when you can't make late Major League Baseball what you do the next best thing you catch foul ball one. Manhattan guys named Zach Campbell decided that he was gonna catch -- walls for his hobby he's collected over 7500 his goal is and thousands and he's well on his way and he says he has a technique where he's not even watching the bond he deceived about moves and he goes after it. He's climb over again about a thousand dollars. Who got disguising your section and he's in love with a group of small -- down -- stacked up.

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{"id":24957531,"title":"Yes, Fish Will Fly Out of a Cannon","duration":"2:56","description":"The Whooshh flying fish cannon helps salmon swim upstream.","url":"/WNN/video/fish-fly-cannon-24957531","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}