Gawker Can Post Sex Tape

A judge rules that the sex tape with Hulk Hogan can stay up.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for Gawker Can Post Sex Tape
And welcome back everybody time for the -- version. Of the -- and apparently there's been a legal ruling in the Hulk Hogan. Sex tape scandal and those of you who were boarded at -- -- you can still watch it -- a hard line because the judge you're basically said. -- -- your reputation is not taking enough of a beating for us for the court to tell walker to taken down -- only about emitted. And forty seconds of hold the of course number you know former world wrestling federation champion from years ago. And Heather Clinton it is sex tape. And that the court ruled but he is -- -- failed to show that immediate and irreparable injury loss or damage will result from this tape so basically can stay up you wouldn't go watch it if they choose to -- up Hulk and his best friends. And -- best friend's wife right. They have a -- woman right ex wife of Florida radio shock job bubble love and Bubba the love excuse me the -- punch card message that came out. -- -- -- -- it was made at a low point in my life his siblings lives at another hearing. For November the eighth the building of the injunction request yet again whatever whatever the bottom line is for now judge has ruled the sex tape you can -- Compact if people really want to watch what this one of our producers who was doing journalistic reserves earlier since she wants to see in the -- -- enough to be back later. Yeah -- I don't know just for Demi Moore Ashton Fisher you know there in this divorce battle. Yeah now apparently they are battling over mummy. Which is fascinating because everybody knows it Demi Moore is worth about nine deep -- -- the four million dollars -- -- -- And he is worth 87 million dollars ever in -- final years of their marriage. He was making more money he's that they say he's being -- cheap and he just does -- want to pay a large settlement. And I suspect that she is upset because he has now moved him. And is living with Mila Kunis as his new -- of them -- news you know. Friend there that probably didn't help get out we've heard you know now -- now she. Despite looking for my figure worth almost a hundred million each come I mean no one starving everyone's okay just know she's -- around she -- okay. Oh yeah still -- she doesn't anything he'll serve you know two trillion dollar -- embarrassed or humiliated her like that he Ellis had -- billion dollars yes -- cheated on her. Publicly with that in. Very young girl. And and now look -- -- -- Mary -- nexus never sort of broader gave her the money Ashton. I'm -- I'm not -- the lawyer Ronald Walters -- -- ago that he so. Apparently of course back in January we have the second coming because of the -- -- -- brought little blue lighting into the world but apparently they had lost. Bob need to trademark the name of blue eyes -- what did you -- they said they were rumored to me. I'll -- to launch a range of baby products in close call blue -- obviously wanted to well. To trade market however it turns out though that there is a wedding planner based in the Boston. Who was called her company blue -- -- since 2009 to the power couple that are worth more than a billion dollars cannot do this itself. I think they can't they just have to pay some money back -- -- maybe maybe not going to be a very rich wedding planning and you know that. If they tell -- that bars again you know and started and that marriage our relations it is venture Latvia and --

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{"id":17542485,"title":"Gawker Can Post Sex Tape","duration":"3:00","description":"A judge rules that the sex tape with Hulk Hogan can stay up.","url":"/WNN/video/gawker-post-sex-tape-17542485","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}