General Mills Embraces Stress-Reduction Initiatives

The corporation has been offering its workers meditation and yoga for seven years.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for General Mills Embraces Stress-Reduction Initiatives
You began -- that no. -- -- well I. Apparently General Mills the maker of -- and get hot it got invading our. Really and -- get all of their facilities every single facility there's a meditation room on campus every day you can do -- They -- seven years they've -- they've been doing this and it's now prevalent. -- quite a few thank you companies around the country the with a 25% of large US companies have now launched stress reduction initiatives that listen to some of these statistics. I'm they say that 89%. Of the employees at Ahmed at mills are better listeners because of yoga and one hour -- a week can reduce your stress level by a third. And that could impact your wallet again that's 2000 dollars less a year in health care -- impressive -- video studio -- -- Is that is that -- -- what is what is I'm gonna -- us president story you really had. That's not what about the downward dog thing autism and I can't get any of the poses right now that -- on our lady. Got. -- -- -- -- -- This really like this from mental -- ten things created over a couple of Beers a little bit overboard over a few drinks see a few that I noted to -- -- candidate that -- this show you -- -- kids. And up the -- -- over the pet -- and they admit that was. Who Gary helmets he -- -- that were few drinks. Aaron Sorkin wrote a few good men the plate after -- few drinks the marine corps of this country actually started over a few drinks. Syria if you -- on the list do. Stuff like shark week couldn't look -- they are we came over -- here pardon me -- Mom the buffalo -- -- we -- story about coordinating this chicken parts merely making following them. They had blue cheese and salary amounts of at all. And she conjured up this treatment -- and -- the buffalo -- see good -- or come from a few cold I tell you what -- men what was the last eleven the Iron Man triathlon came over a couple of Beers went to buddies they sat around and they realize that if they did that. 2.4 mile Waikiki -- And -- the 150 mile round the island bike race minus a few miles they have because of the start -- -- the Honolulu marathon. And that's that I am so tired -- -- On the synonymous of the good health and great physical shape was born over a few Beers we'll pay. Than her -- yeah. Who's news 5 o'clock somewhere as they say the move though -- AM.

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{"id":17085474,"title":"General Mills Embraces Stress-Reduction Initiatives","duration":"3:00","description":"The corporation has been offering its workers meditation and yoga for seven years.","url":"/WNN/video/general-mills-embraces-stress-reduction-initiatives-17085474","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}