A Girl for Brady and Bundchen

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen welcomed their second baby into the world.
3:39 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for A Girl for Brady and Bundchen
You know -- house through her -- world yes another and baby or Gisele Bundchen and of course -- -- a husband Tom Brady opted out his sport while. We're just hoping that the delivery room Monday I don't wanna bet they'll never allowed all right so according to boston.com. Nudges up when she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl -- -- I don't Wednesday -- -- -- third child for Tom he has had a son with his -- version -- -- -- second child that for this couple that they have a two year old son Benjamin and now little girl named. Fit in not sure if it's a water birth because remember -- Famously said little pain she had a baby at home and I was well that she was a size zero the next day the one thing will be for. Sure whatever the kid is it's going to be so ugly yeah that was stupid education horse. Really congratulation and that's vertical also with the David Petraeus extent of course that was dominating the news last couple of months. -- and course that was going to be a tell all book about -- written to die in jail Kelly of course you brought into this faced by -- seize the wealth the Tampa socialite who's come London. Blew the whistle you can save by had to go into the FBI about the -- -- that led to the whole. Revelation of the affair between Petraeus and -- -- well at a single she's -- think she's been lampooned by the press lampooned on Saturday Night Live that -- -- to do. To get her story out there to set the record straight and some rather than just doing -- TV interview she -- a book submitted to be able to tell the full story get Versailles -- -- -- sometime next year expected GO -- book nobody's shocked by this news. Early show fact that with a scandal lose money to be made -- -- the -- game -- so. Martha Stewart said small -- yes -- apparently had a case of Salmonella over the holidays -- over Thanksgiving and -- the New York Post page six she said. That it forced her to cancel a series of appearances and meetings and PageSix she said quote I never get sick but it came down with Salmonella I think psychotic that was -- so many turkeys. Around Thanksgiving she said the plus. Was that she lost the will of the weight but she was in bed for days and it was terrible terrible contrasting she survived prison's -- sentiments -- -- and. Well lifestyle for -- also it would extend some really far best wishes or thoughts to Brooke Burke -- day because she got you well know. The gorgeous host. Fits -- with the stars took a few weeks ago that she was diagnosed with thyroid surgery walls she had the surgery. And -- hours -- coming out of the surgery she tweeted that picture you see there. Reassuring everybody she made it through justified she's doing okay she even declared on Twitter something I cannot say on the -- let's just say she said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Defiantly she is doing well she thanked her doctors that she is recovering nicely we -- to hear stories of the happy and pleasure to welcome back to -- gorgeous. Brooke Burke is to fly away cancer you have and I -- way. We'll continue our six years old and she has still got her group -- -- city. LA times that she was -- -- in her seat dancing and posing for the camera. Muggy -- happily woodland -- -- and CC -- down -- a party Wednesday night in Miami but not getting snapped in the same frame with her 26 year old boy's toy. Veto schnabel. Who is. -- -- You don't -- she. -- -- -- But that she knew where all of reach out and publicly making out at the heat of patents and immigration valves and that she's getting out doing way better group go ahead didn't get -- -- The hard to hit the stage.

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{"id":17901561,"title":"A Girl for Brady and Bundchen","duration":"3:39","description":"Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen welcomed their second baby into the world.","url":"/WNN/video/girl-brady-bundchen-17901561","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}