Little Girl Sings the Blues

A new viral video shows a 9-year-old girl play the ukele and sing the blues.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for Little Girl Sings the Blues
Time next time you're enjoying your trip home from. Let's get to we've seen a lot of -- -- talented kids pop up on these viral videos. Here's another one that's cool about her you know it's not like she has -- -- You'll see she plays the ukulele she plays mandolin and she sings the blues listeners. -- He was nine years old is not the cruelest. Black Sunday 35 in sunshine. I'll do it always makes any sense and it's her name a few -- -- death. Eighteen songs -- -- sixteen of them she wrote herself. Our own lives she -- got it now and it's great to see her newest style lets you know not necessarily the latest rage is just classic great you don't. Exactly that -- that talented at nine years old not trying to hammer out an anti heroes is that also she's got the real deal that is off. There -- -- guy from Staten Island who is either trying to get a few laughs or completely crazy people out using seating at the second. Take out. That's creepy so -- everything he's turning up all -- sad -- in different places in this costume holding balloons contentious -- leaving. And -- -- -- people are much Stephen King movie with a creepy clown. Now hold yet so he's the people are posting these pictures on Twitter -- in mr. Graham. Somebody put some of the fact that there is some a blanket dressing at the cloud and roaming around that island has me never wanting to leave my house. That would disturb me a little bit that history. -- -- Special yeah understanding their sort of do enough and exactly what is the -- this great story March Madness so much great action on the court -- -- subplots and this is one a moment this is one of the best of friendship apparently between Michigan State basketball player Andrea. And Adrian -- And a little eight year old girl named lacy. Polls -- and they have developed a relationship since. The team visited a hospital where she is battling aggressive cancer of the nerve tissue their relationship -- just drive this has been there all over their relationship from hospital visit. Cutting down the -- I'm just really terrific so so. He's -- that he closer -- don't -- that great they truly have a great relationship -- degrades its. Great when you eat pizza what do you do with a crusty dividend anything majesty that as saying here well a lot of people like to dip their trust in -- -- Delis pizza place if you ask her side of ranch. They want to charge you a thousand bucks. The West Coast could be -- right side -- -- -- and Evans is not the right way to eat pizza and so that's your fine if you want. If you want some ranch. I have never even heard of such they would never occurred inside Iran 2000 bucks -- guess not many people were in Atlanta I would divide really wanted secret -- it.

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{"id":23047013,"title":"Little Girl Sings the Blues","duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video shows a 9-year-old girl play the ukele and sing the blues.","url":"/WNN/video/girl-sings-blues-23047013","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}