Good Night's Sleep for $34,000

Organic luxury bed contain seaweed, horse hair, silk and more.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for Good Night's Sleep for $34,000
But. You don't -- -- of that. -- west you have 34000 dollars -- -- that would be negative growth strategy yet and maybe you have 31000 dollar shoved it between the -- yeah. Yes there's better than 34000. Dollar luxury -- made by -- -- it's a great. Batting boutique. -- 100% natural -- that contained no matter how they do say however. -- coarse hair the company had hoped that still could. Wool cotton practiced by breakdown -- And they are stuck with a rubber organically extracted from the base of Robert -- and -- that -- thought the idea as to what he's not taking a nap on top of Steve reed and Barton Biggs an option on very twisted. If there what's it make -- make for all that money don't like crap that's in there what makes it regulates your humidity. And helps ventilation and maintains the elasticity. Com and improve your vocabulary. The deceptive that -- -- -- -- what's the -- third -- located there isn't one of them because you'd pick -- something that he's. Warfare going to have a good idea of what -- -- we -- -- really come on -- -- very few weeks ago about these gamblers who were at the Golden Nugget and he's in Atlantic City is apparently the dealer did not shuffled cards correctly guess the card the -- it was a new day and demand factors at the appreciable to the dealer involved. -- bother to shuffle. So anyway utilities -- to winning hand after winning hand -- point five million bucks worth the winners collectively. -- woman in the casino private dispute a million dollars up at twelve court got problems that you know what you -- that's your fault the players are getting to keep their money one point five. Million dollars -- -- -- -- to honor those chips and the players go to catch the midst of an odd couple. Great that that is a great hall -- I want to update -- on that story visiting casinos and new money thank you for following out of our head Netscape. Also an American artists working in Sweden houses he plans on collecting -- so wet. Of Swedish glass blowers and sell it to tourists as perfume this is a guy named Daniel -- as an artist from New York to Broadway in Sweden. And he would it -- basically says is. The glass blowers split in the war is something that tourist appreciate when they -- your looks so for me there isn't such a huge difference in selling the glass -- -- And this I don't like last night's wet thanks I don't want to model that I'm out there I think the money easy he's a tough days Mets I would -- -- -- that is where. Just come here we'll. World -- what this -- -- -- it's much hard work -- -- enough -- make up so far and honor this fallen 400 books and this is your folks from gets up. We make that money. I grow up oh despite what -- -- -- photographed. -- -- -- -- -- Backpack -- after he saw me --

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{"id":17141753,"title":"Good Night's Sleep for $34,000","duration":"3:00","description":"Organic luxury bed contain seaweed, horse hair, silk and more.","url":"/WNN/video/good-nights-sleep-for-34000-dollars-17141753","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}