Goodbye to Greeting Cards?

The Internet age may be making traditional birthday wishes obsolete.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Transcript for Goodbye to Greeting Cards?
-- -- sign of the times ahead penmanship nobody knows how to write anymore nobody sends cards are reading this did electronic and digital. A sad news -- they're gonna shut down at one of the plants and in Kansas City that makes about a third of their training cars in. That the number -- these numbers -- over the past decade the number of green cards are sold in the US has dropped from six billion to five billion annually. And and 24%. Drop between 2002 in 2010 so I just like -- currently -- -- year. They didn't get people to eat cartons a lot which I'm not a huge fan of this was from my husband this year for -- twelve wedding anniversary -- but it didn't show you what's inside but we'll get it but -- it's hard. I'm actually I'm -- old school like keep all the cards from my parents that are laying out any meaningful and and a little. But let's have so that's very -- isn't going to -- that. -- really getting over that one night that we took. Thank you. I think your idea could not -- results and we all of the FaceBook back story but now -- and three classmates at -- had an idea one night. To create a web site eventually would decipher rap songs -- taking the lives from songs and putting it in layman's terms what the lyrics Michele waiting for the -- But -- literary scholar Rick debt -- -- classic novel or whatever we'll get this he started three years ago it now gets definitely page views a day. And they just got a fifteen million dollar investment from -- -- Investment firm the name of the site is wrapped G. Genius and get it just got this major investment started out their dorm room -- 33 -- from Yale and now it is blowing up financially and it terms. -- -- -- -- -- -- What it could lead to any of those rap songs now trying to decipher where a case you know always you know he joined the -- -- the language that some of the rap stars -- use. -- you can't explain about what all of it. Do you don't even give you -- that -- military -- there -- -- OK so apparently -- you watch a price is right over the years I think what it's one thing has been missing. -- I'll take people from 400 -- game. -- isn't rob Wilson not -- rob Nelson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not -- on the price is right of course shows they're -- -- 1970 TO he didn't do weeklong stint with the maybe some. The week of October -- seeing all things evolve -- now but sometimes students do not involved in changes apparently -- student. At Charlotte independent Charlotte's independence high school North Carolina who -- been disciplined not arrested for spiking -- teacher's coffee with -- but enhancing. Drug this was called -- boosters was a major but bigger and he's like the teacher's coffee with the. And that's the state of -- stay ahead.

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{"id":17421149,"title":"Goodbye to Greeting Cards?","duration":"3:00","description":"The Internet age may be making traditional birthday wishes obsolete.","url":"/WNN/video/goodbye-greeting-cards-17421149","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}