Grandmother Gives Birth to Grandson

A 49-year-old woman acts as surrogate for her own grandson.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Grandmother Gives Birth to Grandson
Welcome to the makes everybody and if you -- -- parent -- -- a parents. Then there's nothing that -- -- will -- to you. For their child this story. Exemplifies -- -- and then just about any story and I -- This mainly -- and fourth. One instant help her daughter and son out decided to surrogate the baby so the grandmother. Gave birth to her grand son. He is the daughter couldn't carry a child because she had a heart defects -- -- -- -- -- -- picture but the grandmother she's only forty -- -- she can legitimately be able -- another. Herself but she did this for her daughter Angel couldn't carry the baby because -- that heart condition she said. I couldn't see them go into the life about a -- -- capable of helping them I heard in the sixty year old grandmother serving as a surrogate for her grandchild so -- -- It was possibly get so this baby was harvested outside of the -- between her daughter and son in law and and placed in her uterus and don't anybody -- it. The grandmother had anything like the file Lott did say any -- that she just. Carrying a child. Instead she deserves a little what is it doesn't -- All right anybody who's a vegetarian and dreams the world would go vegetarian you might get you -- was in this by twenty community according to some experts the world may have gone entirely vegetarian according to -- scientists. They claim that the spiraling populations mean that they will not have enough meat. The people in decades. They believe that animal based -- -- dropped just 5%. Of our total calories by 2015. As -- continue in all this continues that we basically won't be able to sustain. You know the area did that all of this stuff to have to feed livestock and eventually we'll all be vegetarian. -- -- -- -- -- -- wanted to buy some stock and soybeans. I want -- -- and -- -- I'm -- -- active and I agree. A case and this speaking of neat yes this next story comes to west and the ever gotten Taylor fast food chain you know you look at your receipt. Now there's no they don't offer discounts very -- to do that. Well according to the Huffington Post picked the story up this -- looked down at every -- And notice that there was a discount for best but so far and that's what -- to extend. Commentary on consumers have been nice if it's legit site notes that -- list and the December pushing. She worked at extending cash registers did allow some -- discounts. The consumers are certainly the case in recent shenanigans that -- a picture of the Sonics went offering a free -- price for. -- for the purchase. -- good. -- that -- -- -- that's pretty good stuff hey listen there's a new fabrics and external fabrics called how we're fabric it's preexisting -- developed a way to turn body heat. Into electricity meanwhile mobile phone would never go back dead again how were felt. Can keep the phone going for up to 20% walker just -- the power of the -- Their time is powered camera. This is Allen --

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{"id":17092726,"title":"Grandmother Gives Birth to Grandson","duration":"3:00","description":"A 49-year-old woman acts as surrogate for her own grandson.","url":"/WNN/video/grandmother-birth-grandson-17092726","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}