Heatwave Means Finding Ways to Beat the Heat

One driver finds a way to hook up a home air conditioner to his car.
2:55 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Heatwave Means Finding Ways to Beat the Heat
It's -- time the country continues to -- -- -- unbelievable he got us here on the East Coast but everywhere. So they say a picture says a thousand words we got one that pretty much. So this is from the -- -- New York City -- I don't and we had this conversation that is and how is this thing rigged up I'm sure this guy gets a little break up today engine and generates electricity. Don't ask but -- -- car and yes that is that you -- that you put in your little bedroom window and he hasn't. In the -- what ever it take whatever -- all it is kind of hard to keep the -- cool when you're in the direct sunlight and you're driving in this kind of heat I didn't. You can degree you -- -- slightly cool but I don't -- -- York city that might be his apartment. I didn't think it that you write about you just never. I do -- doesn't really cool video that we saw it's gone viral associates in October so we actually had to share refute this is the clever idea of the and -- the day in the life. This -- he's. Charlie Cook -- -- and -- -- yeah after the luncheon that we get to watch it isn't like Vanilla. Is not news. Can't -- That he hadn't conceded human hands are behind it and you. Video including brushing his and get me to make sure his pearly whites are good and ready to go. And -- Man that he is. I'm not yet -- having his current events you know he doesn't all things are different yeah. Probably a couple of days and I Austin yeah I can imagine that he. Obviously has done so well trained can just live sit there -- -- do all these things humans so adorable. And it should be continued that eventually see him driving you know market -- -- -- -- Facts and heat yet we all want a break you know that song we need a little Christmas right this very minute yeah it is Christmas but about how about a little Christmas right now this is from Boston. Yes in fact that -- Santa maybe ninety degrees on Wednesday but for some young patients at Boston drivers hospital it was Christmas. So -- first on top of Boston fire tower ladder have a great. -- the windows and wait kids as a part of the eleventh annual Christmas in July event. -- all the kids and also committed -- 150000 dollars from Paul firefighters to burn foundation. Yeah regulate them grades are right from a wonderful story to let them -- -- -- on the -- Kind so check it out there's a guy is -- allegedly burglarizing the home pocket dials 911 -- can be got a got into the second alleged burglar about the jewelry that they're about to take. He's still on the loose but cops arrested then -- guy. 23 year old -- -- who was allegedly the second burglar and also happens to be the son of the local fire chief. Calling at all and talking about what this feeling and -- -- -- prior to the.

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{"id":19696314,"title":"Heatwave Means Finding Ways to Beat the Heat","duration":"2:55","description":"One driver finds a way to hook up a home air conditioner to his car.","url":"/WNN/video/heatwave-means-finding-ways-beat-heat-19696314","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}