Host Suffers 'Wardrobe Malfunction' at the MTV Movie Awards

Will Ferrell's dollar suit, a "nip slip," Bradley Cooper and the other events from the award show.
3:56 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Host Suffers 'Wardrobe Malfunction' at the MTV Movie Awards
All right time he and TV movie awards big big night magna some highlights -- get to let's start that would will Farrell's death always funny. He comes up some incredible three piece suit covered and dollar bills we have a picture this -- -- -- this Taylor checked him out. Always understated there was major left by doing almost nothing to love it has by being it is ridiculous self. Any challenge those who might not think he's funny let let's let's -- -- listen -- For those of you sitting here tonight who don't think I'm funny. I'll be happy to fight you in the parking lot after the show. -- -- -- Corporal Bradley Cooper won the first golden pot -- prize of the night for his performance in silver linings playbook. He returned to except the best kiss honors for his smooch wouldn't generally aren't in that film as well was it okay -- who worked -- had. By the way. Jackson claimed to awards he and Jamie -- won best. WTF moment -- of some of these categories where they -- scenes in genuine change in Jackson -- and a member of the avengers cast except the best. Fight prize and Emma Watson she received the TrailBlazer award. Jamie Foxx he also war very -- teacher. In honor of teenager Trayvon Martin and sandy hook victims so -- got a lot of props for that rebel Wilson apparently made quite an impression. Rocking her curves and a clean air dominatrix style get up with a padded costumes revealing the eight ball -- -- doubled and hit me. -- yeah meeting that I. She is so anyway Russian rocket apparently she was one of the highlights. We've got -- some low -- -- from highlights a low life Justin Bieber was an Amsterdam recently -- of the house send. He decided to enter something into the guest book but what he entered -- is getting a lot of attention -- putting rat and I quote. Truly inspiring to be able to come here and was a great girl. Hopefully she would've been a believe -- now a lot of people are criticizing it saying that was so self centered of pension. Just think -- -- the himself on Twitter their posts mocking him imagining that he had visited the museum and walked away thinking only of himself. A FaceBook response insulting -- received more than a thousand light -- slightly more than the museum's original host about to begin today. It's just not the most sensitive thing when you're in the museum. Now about something so sort of solemn and yes and -- is and frank. No -- fever don't favor -- -- -- mental model NX yeah can you break. The surprising one say it isn't so but the apparently rumored Sharon and Ozzy Osborne are living so our own lives there's rumors that there are circulating -- -- sources told the sun that they are living in different addresses not spending any time together and they can they argue a lot because they really did seem to be one of the very solid. Couples in you know basically the -- music industry -- dead but who knows but anyway there. They've been on the rocks about the C she's 6064. And dig up. Well you know what -- one celebrity couple that seems to not be doing so well another one that's. -- -- strong we've got and supermodel Giselle bunch and married to Tom Brady recently she Johnson -- -- -- ground -- And I mean who wouldn't love life she's a supermodel and her to Tom Brady but she recently treated welcome to my official instant -- Shooting -- my beloved country she was down in Brazil. She is urging her fans to enjoy. Politely you know what. When you -- you -- Nike in the -- had the -- it's like it's pretty easy to enjoy life Wayne you're gorgeous here is -- she got that -- has been. He's got a cute kids got -- rest of us working stiffs just trudging along due and I met. Is it about you keep talking but it.

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{"id":18955711,"title":"Host Suffers 'Wardrobe Malfunction' at the MTV Movie Awards","duration":"3:56","description":"Will Ferrell's dollar suit, a \"nip slip,\" Bradley Cooper and the other events from the award show.","url":"/WNN/video/host-suffers-wardrobe-malfunction-mtv-movie-awards-18955711","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}