Hotline for Ryan Gosling Fans

There's help for Ryan Gosling fans who are stressed over his break from acting.
4:20 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Hotline for Ryan Gosling Fans
Part time for the skating let's talk about Ashley Judd lot of people say that. She should run for office that think she should have a political career she displayed at First Lady and Olympus has fallen bucks. She says she will not run for senate in Kentucky she said thanks for even considering that. There. But the actress human rights activists frequent fixture on the democratic circuit this all according to. Took to Twitter today. Yesterday it is to politely let those people down saying that she's not gonna run for US senate in her native Kentucky she says quote. After serious and thorough. Contemplation I realize that my responsibilities and energy at this time due to be focused on my -- myself -- in the political career at least not this goes. -- there's some people -- -- -- what what does she have what kind of -- that she happens to run and they were thinking that it was just got bigger star power that was gonna help her garner any kind of -- -- that they heard her speak at an event and she really does have a platform capsule and she and she -- back about when and if she would have had a lot of -- Miller is associate degree yeah. OK so moving on to something that as a distressed me to a degree that I cannot even express okay. Ryan Gosling is going to take a hiatus on. Are you fan I am a fan and I have not stopped crying since he realized this yes especially especially in the shirtless in Houston I have I have. -- posters of this man all over all over my bedroom okay. If there is something that was sent out into an -- lesson for all of the fans just like me who are so distressed there's no reason to get upset there is something called -- The -- flying -- -- -- -- -- Chuckle she will I think we need to call because we can we can hear some soothing words from the man of my -- you thank you -- good news -- see this as an innocent. -- here at what is it that they're gonna do from here. I'm already disappointed -- be you can be really hard. We're gonna do what I did get -- -- but I'll ask you to become what you -- -- -- exists wherever -- -- everyday. Soon after the parent I can't really -- wreckage. -- any time. -- got back. He's seen and surely they'll do well it is -- -- -- I'm so. I don't know OK so here's the pictures shown in the picture 200 Turkey is an incredibly talented -- on others on these initiatives in the he noted if he's hot but he he it's like he doesn't know he's like the boy next door hot -- That is from the notebook I got a beautiful in every way and now he's leaving us and so upsetting you Ryan when we gonna do without them you care. Fan I. Does talk about mad men star Jon Hamm -- love the story. Apparently he's elephant trunk. Well in -- when I miss Ohio. Man. Mad men's big star John Hanna sped up the people -- over. Manhood. His twigs berries and -- 42 year old sex symbol. As Tennessee go to komando but I'd go commando apparently he's addressed this frenzy over his impressive anatomy in the April issue of Rolling Stone. I don't quite get this quote but it says quote I'm wearing pants for the sake layoff I mean it's not like I'm -- let -- there are -- jobs in the world. -- -- machines according DMZ -- the -- and jockey boats reached out to John offered the well -- actor free underwear for what he can't buy this kind of PR plus you know there's a lot of things you can say about people and accusing somebody of that. Until then if the Manhattan and people hire me I -- I won't get this man talking for the rest of my really your breast no problem -- the year over Ryan Gosling. It's hard to do that but but he he has quite hear arguments -- So yes quite an hour it is. Let's begin our once again Justin Bieber is in the news but this time his mom is coming to his defense which is basically saying -- -- -- young. If I could take away free well and I can make this bad Aaron and I came back and fix all of his problems -- -- But I have to step away he's nineteen and young I think time beamer is finally coming out in -- -- offensive saying the same kind of deal. -- excuse for all of the things that has happened including the fact that any right now says he assaulted him. Same deal Kanye get over it average attendance -- I'm saying he's rich he's young is young -- -- I'll buy that for Sunday when he got into terrible.

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{"id":18828561,"title":"Hotline for Ryan Gosling Fans","duration":"4:20","description":"There's help for Ryan Gosling fans who are stressed over his break from acting.","url":"/WNN/video/hotline-ryan-gosling-fans-18828561","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}