Combining Two Great American Treats

Head to the Ditch Plains Restaurant for their hot dog covered in macaroni and cheese.
3:00 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Combining Two Great American Treats
It is away from the fourth of July -- could be more American and a good -- hot dog and in -- of both holiday and July being national hot dog month. -- checking out the idea that brings together two. All American classics here's ABC's -- shop around in our mornings insomniac kitchen. I'm hearing gates -- a restaurant in the heart pierce city with the surfer by people come from all over the world to sample one thing. They -- -- at the hot -- with Mac tourney and he's on top. Miller -- -- -- get and then I'm getting at. Are so let me ask you couple questions asked not -- this is not -- on an Oscar Mayer Wiener. What kind of that we do this as a breast -- that these -- -- now how did it happen to have that snap at people like. I mean -- it to grow I think it's it's quality. The fire. No hot is ready to be -- heading over how to -- I mean you can look at the size alone. -- pretty small sphere. You know and I think what that's why sometimes widows and even if your home and put the pan back to grow -- hot can keep them warm of that way. And he's as strong winds really just want to I think that'll charred flavor that's on the hot which makes some -- we had -- about what my cat person at all about it. -- -- Does that mean my I want -- don't -- -- Black Jesus of these very Americans sort of thing and move when you actually think -- she's actually very French and he certainly you can start with a -- Which is really it's it's flower. Butter and then you hit the milk or cream which are -- don't you don't know and then you -- with a cheesy melt and and we use of parmesan cheese. We use a agree or -- and also white American she's. People can do this at home -- -- Anybody can do that but it's not going to be as good as when -- -- and of course my new -- restaurant mezzaluna and got to -- let got a hot dog the all right let's go. -- and -- -- I was shopping basket and there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Moved here I am just -- to remember. That so called. I can't I can't and mosque is like my favorite -- and we are locked up. And one delicious. Treat. Those who -- through them. -- left -- heard on the radio -- pregnant Null and about vegetarian I can't. Get our K there's a total -- -- -- dollar -- A lot of money and it didn't look a bit like the great domestic -- bring an assault that's where did you get it -- tacking on no new bringing arms in. You know what -- -- -- dog just -- that's within its that we EG it's not immediately she is that an -- -- you know alzheimer's got a let's have but get no tests no -- test of approval when evening. It's pretty yet you know it's not how does it bad -- -- seconds as they quit yesterday. We'll let her hair apparently she did featured speaker -- Martha Stewart many high end.

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{"id":24393056,"title":"Combining Two Great American Treats","duration":"3:00","description":"Head to the Ditch Plains Restaurant for their hot dog covered in macaroni and cheese.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-combining-great-american-treats-24393056","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}