Insomniac Kitchen: Thanksgiving 2011

Sunny Hostin prepares a Puerto Rican-style Thanksgiving meal.
4:42 | 11/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Thanksgiving 2011
I love to cook so this morning I'm going to show you how my family celebrates Thanksgiving. Pottery -- style we -- but he laughed in our special holiday edition of insomniacs kitchen. But. Course no Puerto Rican holiday -- you know would be complete without having plant. So there is the Green plants in which is when it's cooked up -- -- -- they're not sweet they're sort of assault to Krispy tickets. And then there is the -- -- which is the big yellow bananas it's. This basically this banana but more -- And it's very very sweet. Now I always have a lot of helpers food needs have helped us basically -- their children but she's now part of -- -- me and my mother the judgments will climb. This is the most honest. -- -- -- -- And you slam them. When you cut them. And then you soak them in cold water and -- -- fat and they don't turn brown. You know -- it and -- and oil -- oil have to be very very hot -- unlike the medium. Medium high. So it's hot enough. Yet fiddling it's very important. -- Susie says there ready my mother says they're ready. So we're gonna take out you know you have to sort of -- So now we're putting in the dust on as to smash it basically to -- it. Open it up and this is perfection -- it's supposed to look like. And you do that with each and every one and then we're gonna cry. -- makes it. We usually eat eat it with -- -- and garlic and olive -- Arkansas and had the -- and so the -- So you have fresh garlic. -- -- -- -- -- -- have also know that olive oil. She's done about -- -- Three teaspoons. And vinegar and four teaspoons vinegar. You also need a little bit of salt for the -- -- I -- Kosher salt and about a half a teaspoon. Once there were smashed and -- We put it back into the oil. That so it's double fried. And that's the case of course me can't worry about calories holidays. For the second time trying again after you press them maybe once the minutes -- don't want over -- -- you wanted to sort of looked golden brown. And what I usually do when I take them out I usually put an Afghan. On the places so that the oil and -- -- Taught my mother is proclaiming -- beautiful look at bats and sometimes. You have a with a little. With a little mobile something you can also sprinkle lip with a little bit of -- -- my right mind. Yeah. We're here but this hit. And backs. He predicted the models so then it. No what are your holidays. Can pass with -- Having cookie -- I'm and it very passionate players and now -- usually just one can cream -- One -- of -- condensed milk. Evaporated milk helps her -- Also put in Manila. This is really great -- from Mexico. This may make it a bit different than your typical hate acts we put about a -- -- -- prominent. -- -- some people used dark ground. Trying to put a little bit of cognac and it's not even half a -- like a -- Just from -- And mix on -- -- that we needed to tiny bit. -- Happy days.

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{"id":15022848,"title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Thanksgiving 2011","duration":"4:42","description":"Sunny Hostin prepares a Puerto Rican-style Thanksgiving meal.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-thanksgiving-2011-15022848","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}