The Internet Turns 30

Computer networking system was first commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1983.
2:56 | 01/02/13

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-- -- the next what do you think of this one -- woman goes to town and park in California sheets on the bumper cars she gets and -- she sees the amusement park ride it goes to the Supreme Court. The lawyers for the news of parks and give me a break it's the bumper cars -- saying that well. -- -- what happens on the bumper cars so you're saying that you know. Yet you've got an apt -- a pitcher on the court agreed -- -- the California Supreme Court basically the 61 decision basically said that you know you you take your chances when he's like this includes jet skiing skiing and I. -- fitness classes. So basically they agreed that Tina -- get a bumper cars to get in the collision that's supposed to happen -- bumper cars. And she could not file that lawsuit. Well I think our society everybody so -- -- Yes thank you write a story everybody is so not everybody -- I -- get that they're they're so sue happy and a father to take you suddenly they called BT Jason Edison need to -- just everybody. Just type data from beyond the bumper cars before warranty you might give -- -- might give us your -- -- speaking of getting bumped. EL James is erotic -- romantic best seller the fifty shades of gray he ever at that time. I actually have not read that had not registered Democrat one of them not a few pages and -- -- your stuff I did she just. Just to actually cover this because the top -- -- -- -- Reynolds. We're gonna well it's actually going to be taught in class round at American university in DC a professor is adopting the book. Into the classroom it's going to be called contemporary American culture the fifty shades trilogy if 25 students started in January she says this isn't going to be like. A sex shop book club braving there will not going to be discussing personal -- -- -- -- which. That we had a funny actually would -- I'll -- -- what does that say about six. But where they actually this is actually pretty legitimate they're gonna talk about issues of domestic violence -- -- sexuality subjectivity -- well Coca. How social media marketing -- of the promotions success a cadaver in Apple's. Shockingly enough there's already -- waiting list of students -- imagine that majority female I'm sure we'll get to the -- One way -- somewhere along -- during the semester. -- -- -- -- -- Not only is it Paula Farris is one year anniversary on world news now rank -- -- -- -- thirty today could thirty years old outdoor yes. Al Gore must be very -- But. People who won't be without the international distorted apparently on ninety -- -- first 1983. Was known as Flag Day. And I won't dazzle you with all the stuff but it granted -- Defense Department scenario and that. -- what it is today. Thirty years old happy birthday to be if -- -- happy birthday to the Internet right now we sing happy. Beaver stadium I actually we have outlined to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and see what if you could reflect on this wonderful occasion. Don't know India's claims but has he really he gets he gets written about -- flat clarinet he invented the lock box why --

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{"id":18113149,"title":"The Internet Turns 30","duration":"2:56","description":"Computer networking system was first commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1983.","url":"/WNN/video/internet-turns-30-18113149","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}