Irregular Sleep Linked to Weight Gain

People with regular sleep patterns will have lower body fat.
3:00 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Irregular Sleep Linked to Weight Gain
Think about it we're gonna take a break -- our -- in the evening to talk about these next couple of stories so that's why it turns out. Everything is going to sleep including how big or how can you -- this is a brand new study that's coming out of the American journal of health promotion. And found that people -- regular sleep patterns have a lower levels of body fat. But it doesn't necessarily -- that -- mean that more sleep translates to being skinny because getting lessons six point five hours or more than eight point five hours. But sleep at night is associated with a high having higher levels of body fat in wind and seizing wanna just Michael -- keep -- just right you'll want to make it a regular sleep schedule and the reason is forcing quality affects the body double hormones. That related to hunger so it essentially does is you're not sleeping right now just sent sweet spot in between -- -- happening in half. And your body -- -- how to regulate your hunger so you're basically always unit. Exactly it also found in children and we've actually reported as they found that advocates -- -- -- 134 fewer calories a day lost weight. Good enough but that's why I'm not -- her on -- ship might be a key police. And I I don't know I mean it is so wrong but it's it's hilarious and her family feud contestant goes home there. You'll see an admitted -- question is sounding something about quality about zombies right. Listen to what she says -- and Steve Harvey's that reaction is priceless -- up. We've got the top six don't support. -- something you know about zombies. They're black. You shut up thank you. -- -- -- -- I and needless to say it was not out there aren't any good -- any worse because not only is he. Like contestants the family and I had no it's not quality job he's. I can't imagine why that came -- of amount classroom and they're. If you can't kill all nighter at green maybe I don't know yeah I think -- -- -- -- I don't know anybody -- -- about life. Okay thirty seconds this girl apparently isn't running our memories over everything that your mom told you about the Internet is surely -- -- your brain. I hear the real people rely on the Internet and it's causing people to forget things that they already knows only thing that's different geography or -- instead of thinking about it and going back into -- enlightenment -- left you'll get up to you find the answer and people are associating their ability to find stuff on -- -- -- intelligence. I found -- that is an art.

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{"id":20947431,"title":"Irregular Sleep Linked to Weight Gain","duration":"3:00","description":"People with regular sleep patterns will have lower body fat.","url":"/WNN/video/irregular-sleep-linked-weight-gain-20947431","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}