Jacked Up Cracker Jacks

A new Cracker Jack flavor will feature the treat with caffeine.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Jacked Up Cracker Jacks
We're kind of control tonight. Maybe just not believe that we have been meeting in regard -- -- so you know that we lucky down the shadow of food and we've had -- and a variety of vision -- you know we really these -- -- -- They didn't know they're being -- -- chance. So now a story that kind of thing has really captured us because it's Cracker Jacks with caffeine while they're called crack parents. Hobbs act tough with -- so they're gonna hit stores soon found the power -- are drawing criticism from health. -- -- -- groups because they fear. That they might lead -- little kids a little too hyper. Without giving February to about marketing caffeine to kids don't mean crab -- I think it's a kid's neck and neck yeah Elvis news that came out this week about five hour energy whether. Those deaths are linked to the drink and -- that -- you know maybe the timing isn't great for this but. Can't -- if they send that this -- going to be specifically marketed marketed to adults. Not we'll Johnny's that's that's your those -- hope will lead did you need a -- -- -- -- -- this they outlive us on this Friday so that that. Has always on Friday enjoyed your bulk -- -- and listen up. Here's my digital world food cake like the pilgrims -- -- it's prepared me hope. Now that Brady didn't have had overdosed on. Back that Claire called. Turkey violent student -- big movies -- -- day. If these are -- raise -- and why don't they all run. Here in Calvert to New York the -- yelled eat -- -- -- -- he -- You -- your business. We potato -- had never stop. When Black Friday comes -- work the pounds off when we shop expanded all of your hard earned pay and jumped from. Senator. And go on me but I heard -- -- Is not a -- it's inhumane. Sorry guys I have to scramble for homemade buns in traffic jam. It's that Turkey cope. That's Melvin him. Yeah.

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{"id":17736507,"title":"Jacked Up Cracker Jacks","duration":"3:00","description":"A new Cracker Jack flavor will feature the treat with caffeine.","url":"/WNN/video/jacked-cracker-jacks-17736507","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}