'The Jersey Shore' Has Been Cancelled

The sixth season will be the last for the crew on the shore.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Jersey Shore' Has Been Cancelled
We expect -- welcome back everybody brace yourself. British -- has been a lot of big news this week we to make political convention we had awful weather down south but this one this Newsradio just gonna break your heart. The Jersey Shore has been canceled and it is done it is over their six. Season coming up with from premiere October the fourth will be -- last. And he -- -- -- Thursday visitors say here look for some of the stars -- -- -- -- so distracted with their spin -- that is just. Kind of the show is lost a little bit of steam on top of that ratings are not nearly -- what they -- when the show premiered back in December of 2009 so now it is all done got to wrap up again. -- sixth and final season of the show blaze out starting on October and fourth. Here -- and other end of an -- -- funds. Then TV which its government record -- at what point played music so how that is him that when music television and those -- -- -- MTV. Music television rides over the schedule that -- the Baghdad -- don't. Ton of money none none of them are hurting now so whoever so -- -- -- -- washed up as what you're saying hey it's a rat. Can get. On any new Van Halen fans out there will Eddie Van Halen 57 and the -- -- after regrouping hadn't hit them cancel a bunch of a tour dates in Japan because he just underwent emergency surgery. -- quote aches severe -- of diver to feel like that's it causes painful inflammation in the intestines. The good news no further surgeries are required but if anything -- keep them out for quite awhile they had a full recovery is expected within sports. To six months. Infamous tour dates Japan. -- wish him a speedy recovery assures me that also be permitted tragedy back in July when Sylvester -- son -- passed away. Everyone that kind of at first thought that maybe it was a drug problem some things were found in the house now we're learning. From radar -- -- the reporting exclusively that his son. Was actually diagnosed at age -- with a heart murmur and the cause of death was cardiac arrest here. And other factors included a pretty sedentary lifestyle and addiction to cigarettes he really was a heavy smoker of the two packs a day -- a lot of sugary soda here. Time -- saying -- had you know that helped his heart condition and that. Cardiac arrest really was the cause of death back in July still learning some details. All of that can -- country music star Leann Rimes who has a new album coming out ironically this fall. I'm turned thirty on Wednesday and then checked herself into a facility to help them deal with stress and anxiety that hadn't seen -- She says I'm she's just trying to learn how to develop coping mechanisms accuses it's time for me he'll mostly check out for a second take care myself come back in thirty days is the best thirty year old -- -- can be her husband. -- -- -- -- He's proud of her you know she has been bullied because of her weight in the past some people think she's dealing with weight issues but now this has nothing to do that just stress and anxiety which. -- -- -- -- today so let us get this on the -- apparently -- my favorite comedians Robin Williams could be coming back to TV more than thirty years after more and -- pales in talks for a new sitcom called the crazy ones were to be on CBS. About a father working with his daughter and they -- kind of -- -- -- they kind of both begin to question -- their lives hears it could be coming back to TV sometimes -- -- mark. --

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{"id":17124083,"title":"'The Jersey Shore' Has Been Cancelled","duration":"3:00","description":"The sixth season will be the last for the crew on the shore.","url":"/WNN/video/jersey-shore-cancelled-17124083","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}