Jessica Simpson's Personal Anguish

Jessica Simpson's parents announce that they are divorcing after 34 years of marriage.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Transcript for Jessica Simpson's Personal Anguish
All of the -- replace -- Simpson as she prepares for her wedding to her -- -- she has learned that her parents are getting divorced after 34 years. Of marriage yes or her mom filed for divorce from her father -- after 34 years they got married back in 1978. According to Entertainment Tonight it's an amicable split there's no third party involved of course we heard all kinds of salacious rumors as to why. They -- debunking mad insane that -- those rumors are completely false. They did list their home back in August had a giving people a little bit of a precursor that this might be happening. Then moves back in August that. Jail was pleaded not guilty to DUI charges but 34 years of marriage when she filed she said. And net in the divorce that papers -- the marriages become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities. So long everybody together then divorce Ashley Jessica and now the parents had fifty. Percent of marriages fail so you know here's that present a slightly higher that percent to get back. Bobby Brown shockingly back in the news -- -- and shockingly it's not something good he has been arrested for with a with a 400 time. He was arrested early Wednesday morning Alvin LA for yet driving under the influence happened about 1 AM when a cop. Spot of the 43 year old kind of driving oddly on the ropes pulled them over gave the test he failed. Locked up yet again this actually his second DUI arrests this year back in March he was busted -- the same thing in the very same part of town. All of -- so -- coincides with the new -- Whitney Houston's family reality show that debuted on Wednesday night on. Our lifetime economists the relationship between the family Bobbi Brown -- -- There's the center of the show plus -- ruin -- rumor or speculation out there that Whitney's daughter Cristina married or is engaged to I should say. The young man who -- kind of brought into the house and raise kind of as -- Brother as -- as brother so that's a weird situation so who knows what's real what's for publicity for the show but. Bobby Brown certainly never delve back in the headlines again. Here's something that's real Tom Cruise filed a fifty million dollar defamation lawsuit against life and style magazine because. Of articles that related to him abandoning his daughter -- he doesn't file lawsuits a lot but his attorney said in this case -- how colors -- trying to make money about the actor's relationship with his daughter. He's a caring father who loves -- very dearly -- -- vicious lie he did party filed a defamation lawsuit in LA and if he doesn't win. All of the money will go to charity -- fifty. -- -- Many inevitably -- -- everything about Tom Cruise -- I'm Jerry loves his daughter Anita takes a kind of stuff the hard sell for sale plays out in court. -- my favorite Halloween candy is any all of them. Dead -- skills. Hi candy and guess who showed us her new -- I had Dodik. Heidi -- we've been known for her elaborate -- constant over the years -- this year. Rashid Menem got a picture of her she's going -- Cleopatra. Shin height and cost to not put the whole thing together so if there's there's crystals there's a big Ed piece giant gold wings from the same guy who designs the wings in the Victoria's Secret. Angel -- so -- -- this -- think people see the real deal and a few days but. Look at -- -- always. She ends and it's going to be hot morning Good Morning America begins Oprah is scheduled to guest host -- around 1130 -- zone and on the GMA -- while he sat. I think everybody you get a car Larry you get. Get a car -- you get a -- George. Get a car everybody go -- the house.

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{"id":17559052,"title":"Jessica Simpson's Personal Anguish","duration":"3:00","description":"Jessica Simpson's parents announce that they are divorcing after 34 years of marriage.","url":"/WNN/video/jessica-simpsons-personal-anguish-17559052","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}