Jimmy Kimmel's Bromance With Johnny Depp

The talk show host shared a few kisses with "The Lone Ranger" star.
3:00 | 07/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel's Bromance With Johnny Depp
It's -- sad to see Jimmy Kimmel last night. I missed it pretty also ready for the show Jimmy Jimmy Collins -- It's could. Yeah chemicals that shows he's all the beautiful ladies lined up there obviously there yeah they're excited because that Johnny -- must be on the show you're not -- -- -- -- -- -- top news coming -- And they have a little romance novel Horry -- era Europe very handsome beautiful -- every said. And that it's about a life of its own check out. You have this very handsome this let's just be honest it's a beautiful face yeah. -- -- -- -- That is. You'll have to that really well and buddy your personal -- Like dozens of your girl at the morality changes usually well -- I didn't know alleged that check back. Back charming moment yeah let's call it what you will let maybe I am I love -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that that's. You don't -- straight alert level headed guy -- there to promote Lone Ranger I was was also have a third grade are coming out about favorite friends or fans anyway. All right -- performance at the BT towards -- -- at Los Angeles so. She hit the state and she was stunning she was a vision she's lost a bunch of weight. She looks great and is -- -- carry sounds great the problem is there are a lot of people want to hear a lot of knowing is on Twitter saying that he -- Have been -- singing and it was just a little too good it should be sure. I don't even understand why Mariah Carey eating -- ET awards she lip -- the entire time it is not the first time that she's done this apparently. She did this earlier in the year but I want to hear what happened at BT -- us. Yeah yeah that -- -- Brett I love what do you like includes the VA area saying -- -- but when you seeing that incredibly well to those kind of crazy. Range that she has. If you can't just walk out and do without -- -- I could see why she problems. She's not really -- right I mean it's like that's an athletic performance of any -- -- student grabbed like the wizard of odd thing in the back -- -- -- if it doesn't have positioned for recorded it -- that her audience on her hands of people are not complaining. Can have a really great experience as opposed to hearing her kind of maybe not hit the bitch is -- -- -- -- to hit yet. So I -- back in May she also got hit on -- for the same kind of deal people taking to Twitter just upset about the fact that maybe she'll -- saying. I say you know what -- yeah. -- I don't want to see lip sync it back pay the money for the ticket but I got to show I almost expect that I can I mean we think that -- entire thing they got. Listen this is kind of -- is bobcat has just finals that test and bosnians -- Charlotte dying of ovarian cancer 41 just like her -- Since that's -- -- --

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{"id":19551211,"title":"Jimmy Kimmel's Bromance With Johnny Depp","duration":"3:00","description":"The talk show host shared a few kisses with \"The Lone Ranger\" star.","url":"/WNN/video/jimmy-kimmels-bromance-jonny-depp-19551211","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}