Joan Rivers: Going too Far?

Joan Rivers' employee uncomfortable with touching and being exposed on TV.
3:23 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Joan Rivers: Going too Far?
That -- was in trouble again. -- retirees not surprised I mean. Is it me or would you think that when someone applies for job with Joan Rivers they basically abandon their dignity of the door to the latter. OK well. Not so much for for one young woman who thinks that she's actually -- means. -- to some damages. This is how it all went down during the latest episode. Joan and Melissa their reality show her and her daughter. They were having a meeting of staffers -- -- various pieces of jewelry she is one FEMA workers live mannequin of sorts getting hands on an appraising the jewelry. And perhaps -- too. Close for comfort is what the employee as saying the woman went on to report to a security incident was. Inappropriate she said -- was putting the jewelry on me and putting my sweater back in touch. My breasts I was remarking she was making comments about them as well as -- -- of course as she does about everything so. -- It was your honor definitely piqued their students equally interesting thing is if this does go to court of course it's all caught on -- -- and the -- is coming -- this -- -- You can all judge for yourselves. I'm gonna go my great -- -- so that you know. I don't know I think it's and I'll check -- Okay anyways Bobbi Kristina. Her grandmother. Asked to -- Houston apparently saw some video. Her that was posted online by TM -- seen in coddling him holding hands with her pseudo brother if you if you haven't heard. -- brown it was kind of like informally. Adopted by Whitney Houston ten years ago he was. A troubled kid and she -- -- amended home ten years ago they are not related and -- Bobbi and nick are not related but they are reportedly seen one another. -- says her grandmother says it's incestuous. Bobby says. You know should be -- doesn't care. And she was reportedly seen wearing an engagement ring and a -- reporting that -- is telling friends that they're planning a trip to Vegas and in the future -- Well I think -- kind of thing about -- story. Is that he was a bit of a father figure for her and do we know we need new before she passed it we have no idea itself visited south seem to be and the -- miles. So. One more celebrity is opening up her heart to Oprah Winfrey. -- this time this Lady Gaga. She told Oprah that she would like to have children in fact -- how -- more than one should like to have a few. She also wants a husband -- she made a gesture to indicate a baby -- saying that she wants to experience that. And I have a first name for her first child. What is it go go go go and we they got got got -- got you're so clever -- -- key for Lady Gaga who shouldn't procreate. At the top when OK -- we'll let you think about that one end up finally Russell Brand of course gotten. He got -- some hot water filming a movie down your land -- dead iPhone from a photographer through it through a window. He -- warrant was issued for his arrest he willfully turned himself then apologized. For -- reported -- reimburse the photographer. And said -- not doing less and daughter of Steve Jobs because -- -- she never be treated like that so they get it all worked out. Very we're right back.

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{"id":15934391,"title":"Joan Rivers: Going too Far?","duration":"3:23","description":"Joan Rivers' employee uncomfortable with touching and being exposed on TV. ","url":"/WNN/video/joan-rivers-15934391","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}