'John Carter': Review

Jackie Fernandez of "World News Now" reviews the action-adventure film.
2:54 | 03/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'John Carter': Review
Time to go to the movies finally this half hour the Monday edition at insomniac -- this morning dealing with. Two movie at the box office this weekend. That's right as you just saw that was John Carter produced by Disney our parent company here to talk about it. Is our digital news associate Jack -- -- and. -- yes hello and let me just say Jack he has been here for quite awhile -- -- her the last time music theatre she's moving on to greener and warmer pastures and -- yes healing work and money players. I know about people asking on Twitter where I'm going you know they can still catch me online in an eight. The morning anchor like you guys -- -- -- CBS affiliate in Greensboro and you I -- had just being online at. -- had dot com some people can still watch me but. I'm gonna miss everyone here whirled news tonight now everyone has been so incredible from the producers about on -- -- like. You know you and abroad helping me every -- -- hey you know value of the crowd and we're very proud of BO yes so come back and take my seat because I. When you move -- to now -- that they else. I bet if I had to the movies so this -- -- Iraq. Stars Taylor you know -- one of your favorites -- my eyes he he is journalists the whole movie and he stars as this veteran war hero who is. Suddenly transported to Mars and he realizes that area. Only person can save the people from the evil warrior this is what my favorite scenes because this. They characters but to be -- -- dog in her mind me a Pug that it appeared. It's -- expenditure that's Ontario Canada -- favorite things so a lot of people in this movie theater you know they liked the -- so let's take Alison. One of the best news they saw this year I was incredibly pleased at how the film turned out it what is -- -- exactly as I wished it was going to be there and -- rush says. We -- yeah. Him and I had the same reaction. -- one of those guys that you spoke with sense and that's who's in the -- of course it's only march -- How many yards -- The movie two and a half stars out of five because the -- was -- event and there's a lot of unanswered questions -- how to get to Mars back and forth you know I think it's the movies -- idealism we don't need to know those details right he just -- -- and -- Hastert's spun off from Montana her -- you know she's you know looking good too so it's for men and women does little -- take -- insurance. -- is that what you saw John Carter is what advice on time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15900917,"title":"'John Carter': Review","duration":"2:54","description":"Jackie Fernandez of \"World News Now\" reviews the action-adventure film.","url":"/WNN/video/john-carter-review-15900917","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}