WNN Skinny 9-27-12

Jwoww announces engagement to Roger Mathews.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny 9-27-12
Stallone about about just getting some I guess an interest -- news coming out of the music world a little bit everyone knows they'll MF AL he's seen him on Good Morning America I'm sure many many times party rob but my. Basis. Yeah that's it you're doing DNA several times doing their thing you know these guys great -- great men. And distinct look to say the least apparently they're kind of taking a little hiatus. But this and then does not breaking -- they're just saying that they decided to take. Some time between albums to explore their individual interest in music and some. Other areas of entertainment and broke the news. Hall last week and saying call it quits but again temporarily not for the break up there just kind of so he met this thing five or six years that is what this a lot of stuff for a little while but. We've seen this thing before the man's they -- taking some time off to do our own thing and that may never come back to these guys have been hugely successful you know they. You know after some new monster hits come back together but -- on -- for now. Dinner -- independents think exactly OK so. -- Cooper -- LA's felt that I reportedly back together thanks Jill. His -- Marlene. Mama's boy they started dating back in earlier this year lasted just three months it was it fizzled but. They move worked -- a new movie the word beds at her his mom actually encouraged him. To get back together with -- she said that she was actually the first girlfriend that she -- -- -- since he dated grenade. The Zellweger telling how about that mom says get back together mother and son says. Okay because he admitted that the attraction was still there that have -- their movies out there given it another. That's a good looking couple I mean that's you know to me and mom -- he knows best mom in the -- relationship is on hand is is it is you know. And cordial and -- what she wants her her baby boy so you have so good for that moms that didn't hear me as they have relationships for those you love who -- Jersey Shore fans. About their first -- he had a baby instant now more relationship news coming from the show. Jay -- -- -- but war is engaged her longtime boyfriend Roger Matthews have been together about. Two of the past eight years he is 37 years old -- apparel and asked for her hand in marriage after they went skydiving but here's the news. Here is the news she's 27 and now she is rocking hate pink and white diamond engagement -- -- seven point five. -- that is a major. Major rock. There are so big events that if that's kind of president he's like a truck driver good guy -- -- receipts show. And but apparently so that I can imagine what a seven an air carrier ring calls but. -- -- -- hand is mighty heavy these days they are officially engage and. Hey you wanna get her big rig and she did pink and white diamond seven point five carats well -- plus easy. That's healthy. And also the Jersey Shore but hey you know what they're happy god bless jwoww and Roger have opened less. -- what Kabul I really like Jennifer Garner and that happened they have three kids now she -- she's on Allen show it's actually going to air today. And she talks about something we didn't know about that apparently he has. Quotes. Wonder sperm. Yeah. That he wants more kids she's like I'm shut it down right out course they have three kids but she says tells. -- -- -- -- I plan to be done. My husband is kind of wonders for kind of guy Allen just that good to know -- and kind of moved congress doesn't look -- -- Michael Phelps --

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{"id":17335749,"title":"WNN Skinny 9-27-12","duration":"3:00","description":"Jwoww announces engagement to Roger Mathews.","url":"/WNN/video/jwow-affleck-lmfao-engaged-married-baby-celebrity-hollywood-skinny-17335749","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}