Kerry Washington Reveals She Is Married

"Scandal" star Kerry Washington announces her marriage to NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha.
3:38 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for Kerry Washington Reveals She Is Married
That's after the morning and we're starting out -- it is one of our favorites around -- actress Kerry Washington. -- -- mom about her personal life for the most part and she got away with one for -- silly she went and got married. To an NFL player's name is -- -- also -- and they went off without merit in Idaho and nobody knew about the wedding it was a reported they had been dating since last summer. And that he's a football player right now with -- 49ers sporting spirit I think a lot of -- the raiders the Eagles and you know saying he's committed to her magnificently committed to any particular team. There are many of -- good with -- watching and again happy couple. And they didn't get busted by the media -- the paparazzi that is not an easy feat to pull on this damaged. Congratulations to them. I was somewhat David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham this is awesome and other sports days that schools -- -- I've seen -- in movies my my my school but. I -- I'm -- that -- right but your parents your mom and dad show up and they have all these kind of racist well. Imagine this they're -- there sun cruises school. And there's a sprint race and David Beckham's in -- it's kind of like -- should win this thing is that look like I'm being a bad sport. And that guy's awesome he came in second David Beckham actually really read -- -- the field. But that guy really tried adding it's got a cool like instead of making a joke he's like I'm Michelle my semi can deal. And -- -- -- it like Beckham. Needless to say that connected in this friends and it's not a guy and that guy and why whoever -- is was was number two and he made some proud as the -- check amount. Jim -- had -- Victoria. Also was racing against Paul McCartney Stella -- Cartel -- -- McCartney's daughter daughter exactly and McCartney's daughter one in their mother's race. This is some school pretty competitive -- raising Tibetan people I wouldn't try to get it back -- dad and -- in there and you think still got it you have to run against David Beckham. But I guess it's also kind of global cause you figure no matter what I can't lose because nobody expects that went. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- about -- let's talk about one of my -- in an opera -- you never ask that lack of analysis that burger chain and -- -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fries and in an effort you can see -- there and but she added a little twist there -- possibly inflict that chest pain shot me glass -- She does everything with grace and style and fat animosity son and she is at the picture that she tweet at. Think she's working -- that looks pretty good. And not cheeseburger Fries and champagne Sunday -- in and out -- the one I know have been the one that she really don't have -- options cut alike. What you do -- secret options you know secret double double animal style he got and that you know when you -- conference near the front individual about several why did have only had it on vacation an analyst at -- -- -- letter asking friends -- Slovakia will. There will do Eli Manning giants quarterback. He congratulations to him and his wife they had. The little baby. Is their second child his wife -- they welcome baby girl source confirmed that to us weekly and gosh congratulations then the child sweethearts married since 2008 already have a daughter -- -- -- got another one in the in the -- -- plan is nothing like to keep telling -- -- No doubt about that had to keep your ego in check check out you -- at Disney World you know that means they won the Super Bowl.

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{"id":19576588,"title":"Kerry Washington Reveals She Is Married","duration":"3:38","description":"\"Scandal\" star Kerry Washington announces her marriage to NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha.","url":"/WNN/video/kerry-washington-reveals-married-19576588","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}