Skinny: The Kardashian Allure

E! series will document Kim's and Kris's failed marriage.
3:24 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Skinny: The Kardashian Allure
-- for that Monday. In addition this -- -- of course we talked weeks ago about the holes are actually in marriage fiasco and debacle the debacle the seven today marital apparently. While the show. Courtney and Chris take New York -- -- whoever eighteen million showcase. -- -- -- the next season last night. All appeals upheld an extended listening to like hourlong episode -- kind of crazy stuff was happening -- -- they're hinting that the season is gonna kind of document the -- a little bit and perhaps. You know provide some clues to -- Chris and Kim could not could not make it so -- lot of people are criminal kind of become detectives now watching this season but Paul much an insanity and -- the premiere last night and he's gonna know this thing for everything -- -- of course. Because -- people are fascinated by exactly what went along in this potential sham by -- marriage show is back on the air people looking for clues. I could tell you I was sort of in the boycott the Kardashian camp but -- fascinated by it hey I -- I wanna know what this sham where they've really in line. Look what what was going. However what I want to catch me you read the hit is a very good world news now to make a little appearance last -- disaster and they started by selling the all that like the divorce coverage that is not that I admitted that while the aggression and capriciously applies that was from our skinny segment right now. Hey they got to go to all the divorce coverage and kind of go back in the weeks earlier and all that so and it's also word out -- all like Bob previous reports Chris is not going to sue came over. How he's portrayed in the shows that he would never do that so. Thank you let me let me ask you -- I don't know we'll do you see but you. Well -- with space program you know I love wedding guests and parties and give these parties and -- well obviously but Middleton does -- -- she just got a 600 dollar advance 1200000. Dollar advance for -- -- reading a book on party planning. I knew she was that and. Well accomplished so well apparently she had to call local party time for her parents' online party supply store and it's a must read for anyone scheduling a festive gathering of this book apparently may come out 2012. For your holiday party planning 600000. Dollar yes -- -- from mobile had a plan Friday that should write a book on how to -- parties you have a lot of quantity -- getting paid like that you know what. -- -- -- -- Miley Cyrus back. The news this morning to -- nineteen years old earlier this mother Helen lived Kelly l.'s -- have a friend who birthday party for an ahead of Bob Marley takes the -- -- That was release of the party -- she says something much -- she kind of admits it seemingly -- to being a fan of smoking marijuana. As you know you're Stoner when your friends make -- Bob Marley they would I would agree with. Materials related -- so look who was always tell we were just messing around and don't forget. Earlier this -- she was busted on smoking and that's something called a salvia she has this kind of -- with hallucinogenic effects it was called hate doing that so. But Joker now who knows but my -- -- clearly has an extra curriculars. Yes and that we can't. We're that's just me. Well finally Jersey Shore -- -- minutes apparently. They just send is selling of every Snooki holiday gift and you combine these sort of way to find Christmas -- Jersey Shore and it is old house and it sold out they are sold out they'll have one I think I'd get one that I does get -- fighting and allied invasion of responded the way always in serious -- -- -- --

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{"id":15039941,"title":"Skinny: The Kardashian Allure","duration":"3:24","description":"E! series will document Kim's and Kris's failed marriage.","url":"/WNN/video/kim-kardashian-allure-15039941","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}