O.J. Simpson's Untold Secrets

Kris Jenner offers details about O.J. Simpson trial in new book.
2:41 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for O.J. Simpson's Untold Secrets
Let -- get yeah yeah. All right Michael Lohan back -- -- -- talk about a little bit about this all last -- -- did you he was back in court over the weekend as he was -- -- by the judge twice in the past week. -- for allegedly threatening maybe even getting physical with his girlfriend and distant look they -- -- -- -- backing -- because they say he didn't -- -- -- from -- hours after the first. Hearing kind of Calder made some kind of you know move. So he had to go back again for the court so confusing things -- the Michael -- in trouble again we have to learn just they had ever been out of the news and that. -- our Lindsay but in the interest in being is just that he -- he pleaded with the judge he had in jail when he gave very specific reasons only in Hollywood he told the judge. I gotta get here is -- taping for the doctor drew -- It into a boxing match -- And also -- to go be by Lindsay side because obviously she's going from our own your own separate case. Going -- for -- -- for violating her probation to that's what he tried to -- the -- does not happen gestures like the bottom line is nobody -- -- good call yeah. -- -- it -- will not do that celebrity country superstar Steelers -- have a good girl turned country music world. She's at the center of some unwanted attention this morning because. They're these new photos. Others are fully fund we've got people would -- She's go to war west -- website that called celebrity she's hot now she's claiming that this web site wrong. Hopefully wrongly identified her -- new photos and she's saying that she. She later saying that they could be suing over this other thing the person in question photos in question are really just a photo of a woman who kind of resembled. Paul hasn't may not be Taylor and amenities and a -- of -- have -- says Taylor Swift top list price it paid leave and used to say look this isn't quite that related violence but face another you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll see if she gets paid off that I was not. -- check this out. Chris -- them. -- -- -- -- up a card that she and -- -- got a new book actually hit store shelves tomorrow November the first but this book. She's actually has spilled -- and OJ Simpson obviously -- ex husband Robert Kardashian is -- OJ's lawyers and she was good really different and not best friends of the Nicole Simpson is she pretty much right time he's going to -- course the coals saying he's going to kill me that he's going to get away with it she said I never believed OJ enough for 12 to really spilling the beans on this case like details in this book so interviews rumor has a look back at him was hey I noticed it.

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{"id":14848514,"title":"O.J. Simpson's Untold Secrets","duration":"2:41","description":"Kris Jenner offers details about O.J. Simpson trial in new book.","url":"/WNN/video/kris-jenner-book-mentions-oj-simpson-trial-14848514","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}