Lack of Sleep Leads to Memory Loss

A new study says that losing up to two hours of sleep could reduce memory.
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Transcript for Lack of Sleep Leads to Memory Loss
And welcome back to the -- everybody -- know Irish theme here on the overnight at remains that -- is overrated -- apparently. The study and second the Society for Neuroscience says that basically losing two hours of sleep a night. Can't arrange your memories for a rather wondering why have a short term -- memory -- Republican and sleep. Remaining -- -- for eight hours to six hours makes a huge difference they say. That -- you're sleeping your brain and leaned down and storing memories and finally these memories and -- -- -- -- -- against the brain time to do to finally be studied mice and that they haven't. Is that when they deprive the animals -- sleep. -- impaired storage of the members of basically if you feel like he could be more productive and and dealing emails you could have gotten what more accomplished next just -- because otherwise you will forget. Everything like I have but I really and -- -- -- and I can even remember this time candidate. That's where we are pleased to confront there electing convention coming into America. All right spare rib and her daughter the phrase. -- shotgun wedding here would have taken into the literal level here in north liberty Iowa there is an. This guy fifty year old Harold and -- who now always offer complete. Days shotgun. If you -- at 19199. Bucks on an engagement ring he will give you a rifle from October 18. The 31 you'll be received -- ran into an 870 hunting rifle that's worth about 350. Bucks any -- durable about a year ago figures to be good for sales and he's known for -- a great quote he said. I thought let's do something for the boy who doesn't like the hunt for diamonds -- likes to hunt for deer. -- open this -- Still Atlanta did the same thing. A little while back there was is stored there they gave people -- hunting rifle worth 430 bucks if you bought 2500 bucks worth. In diamond so -- true shotgun wedding extremely -- No -- you speaking of class a woman in North Carolina was arrested after setting a vending machine and there's -- represented the putting in the money and and you know your -- or not she does don't fall down get a bang on it does get -- -- -- completely wiggly store. And that firefighters were called the team because of the flames of the added up going back to the surveillance video they found issues picking machine that she -- The newspaper under -- if she stuck with -- inside grab a drink from another machines walked away and she was arrested and charged but didn't put up much of the defense yeah. -- rage problem maybe a little rage problem but -- -- don't have road rage here is that this is guy apparently rich guy San Francisco studio when -- drive around. This construction zone he and that's when he got his beautiful course all wrapped up the -- Sierra Nevada gets up causing. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage -- folks sometimes just be patient don't ruin your car --

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{"id":17497706,"title":"Lack of Sleep Leads to Memory Loss","duration":"3:00","description":"A new study says that losing up to two hours of sleep could reduce memory.","url":"/WNN/video/lack-sleep-leads-memory-loss-17497706","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}