Lawrence Welk: Champagne, Bubbles and Big Band Music

On what would have been Lawrence Welk's 101st birthday, a look back at his iconic show.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lawrence Welk: Champagne, Bubbles and Big Band Music
Turning when -- -- in the fifties or sixties his show was a staple usually watched by mom or dad or requested maybe by grandma when she came to visit. The Lawrence Welk Show and the music played -- the band -- classic American -- And today the Lawrence -- -- -- -- 101. Years old. So -- company ABC news -- from November 7 2004. To look back at the life of the man who brought music and bubbles to a nation. We will now remained nearly -- all right well he was an unlikely television stars with a thick accent not someone a -- -- -- -- the big band. An awkward camera presence. Accordion hung from his neck. -- -- -- Lawrence Welk died twelve years ago that his variety show kaleidoscope of corny comedy sequined dancers. Texas music. -- still captivating million. Every Saturday night on public television we still watch it on Saturday night when -- didn't look vision. Are we. What do you think you won't say if he could see this. More of I want -- follow. -- he dropped the show in 1971. After a sixteen year run. Well sold -- into syndication. We have over three million households. -- that watch her show we have more people more viewers on Saturday ninth -- and TV. And VH one and BT. -- English was in her twenties when she became a regular performer and today she's still a regular. In this stage version at the welk resort in Branson Missouri. Run by Lawrence -- song. So much of his life revolved around trying to please his audience that there was a love affair there and I think that's one -- -- -- skills he was. I don't think the audience felt these people -- stars they seemed more like the boy or girl next door. That'd been I think it the that had gone on television and gone on to popular. Favre -- he -- -- she is she Branson Missouri and -- Evening for the if you're wondering about that acts and he grew up in North Dakota and a German speaking community and his parents of German to a most of his life -- really speaking until much later and actually took lessons in the twenties to let him speak without an accent they realize that public school -- and they wanted to end -- and I want and then do. Very good marks at -- -- on syndication city. I can patients do the same -- That's illnesses haven't remembered about some face hot.

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{"id":22857450,"title":"Lawrence Welk: Champagne, Bubbles and Big Band Music","duration":"3:00","description":"On what would have been Lawrence Welk's 101st birthday, a look back at his iconic show.","url":"/WNN/video/lawrence-welk-champagne-bubbles-big-band-music-22857450","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}