Everyone Likes Pizza?

Is pizza the no. 1 food with goats?
0:54 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Everyone Likes Pizza?
Or world news now delivers your morning. Can you imagine living here in Minneapolis see all kinds of strange things in this one is even a little weird by New York Sanders -- must say this was the scene in a very popular pizza joint here in midtown yes that. There's a couple there absolutely area and yeah goat is sitting there with them this place -- -- Broadway hit it midtown. Just could go gauging the interest me here -- was essentially the same pizzeria where Donald Trump Sarah Palin out -- -- I'm not a year ago announcing goat. Go out -- that are hairstyle so that pizzeria famous now for many things just a note patents -- -- Esiason goat cheese pizza okay there's from the men and ladies out there -- where and glamorous 2012 guy survey says that a massive 50% of men admit to -- I -- -- by accident. 23% of the premature -- -- used. They -- -- -- premature I love you. That a person yes it's premature to say they were drunk and 13% say that they just want to get -- gal who sat. Men -- left out. We are losing Gibson do you know advance the physical part religion that doesn't happen and they do that please time -- that poker. -- -- -- Molded plastics and Foreman Holmes pulled -- -- -- their owners will ask it's being. Smoke and it's emboldened marine two's -- -- console on -- hospital. -- -- and world news pulpit. It's not a good night until on the brakes and that -- Angela Merkel whose model had everybody I think -- Perhaps -- pulling -- -- Again. Yeah plug. -- -- Yeah yeah. Then make those -- could break your. It's now we told the. Another student and you -- sir -- Only two. God told me. Hometown -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- yeah.

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{"id":15883648,"title":"Everyone Likes Pizza?","duration":"0:54","description":"Is pizza the no. 1 food with goats?","url":"/WNN/video/likes-pizza-15883648","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}