Do You Live in the Most Miserable Town in America?

A list of towns in the U.S. that are the most miserable.
2:54 | 04/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Do You Live in the Most Miserable Town in America?
And to welcome to that makes -- start with some didn't isn't so bad news depending on where you're watching us from. So we have a list of the most miserable -- in America as well miserable most of them small towns in America we also -- whether people children's content but. But we're focusing on and that most miserable so pay attention if you live and join us proud of -- West Virginia plus miserable Charleston, West Virginia West Virginia most miserable place. On. Today content of America and we did not write is that even know we. -- -- this is not. Now this is 20% of Austrians reporting on it on this survey and these other findings so we have Charleston, West Virginia we have -- to. -- area over West Virginia West Virginia not done so great. Mobile, Alabama Beaumont port Port Arthur, Texas kicker -- are -- in town in North Carolina it certainly I. And the list goes on so. -- -- -- -- -- -- Card let's talk about. Men and vegetables they don't really get along better. And toddlers apparently eating fruits and vegetables which doesn't surprise me. Until recently -- bases and even look at them the average preschool child it's about twelve different types of per semester most -- week. Men average about six how average -- -- about one point two portions per day 48% of women and others admit to using stealth. Health tactics to trick -- man. -- eating more fruits and vegetables like every year I didn't bother with them and I just know it now like antioxidants -- cancer fighting. I forced myself to eat them but -- -- about. They now add my husband the only way can get -- to eat fruits is that -- you know I'm randomly just having an apple and I had a little bit and I literally -- Front seven is Japanese you know still have a conversation eating an apple he has no idea what's happening and -- he -- -- an entire apple -- an idea that. Documented -- he. Yes that -- like food detectives stuffed with -- okay. Did you got great -- I do sometimes ideas that we should she got right -- -- -- get apparently from the most of our brain power to Smart today she's Smart now I just turn the entire article and it goes for all the reasons why. Chile isn't good for you hear that just census -- Buchanan whose threat is coming -- Apparently finds -- Renaissance with drug lord. Yeah. I'm feel that -- say it's coming did that uses so apparently what's happening when you're doing -- -- kind of things are being triggered in your body. From stomach passage to appear you know even -- in the the brain is telling the stunning to get ready for the digestive process an eyewitness gets everything going your body including your -- Make Smart. We -- all that bad behavior of. Quick smell a vision we -- -- his expression if you only smell like the -- we were chilling. The Japanese are working on it it's a real reality -- might be happening in the future these little gel packs that are released like fried chicken commercial.

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{"id":18860361,"title":"Do You Live in the Most Miserable Town in America?","duration":"2:54","description":"A list of towns in the U.S. that are the most miserable.","url":"/WNN/video/live-miserable-town-america-18860361","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}